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Read Across America 2020

Tracy with Principle Tiffany Allen at Read Across America

It was a distinct honor to be invited to participate in “Read Across America” at the Sonia Sotomayor School No. 21 in Passaic, NJ. where the head principle is Ms. Tiffany K. Allen (pictured with me above).

This new Elementary School is a 105,000 square foot facility designed to educate approximately 750 students in Kindergarten to 5th grade. The school includes 30 general classrooms, five small group instruction classrooms, two science classrooms, instrumental and vocal music rooms, an art room, a multipurpose room with a stage, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, and an outstanding media center. The school officially open in September of 2019.

Walking into the school is like a ray of light that leads you into an atmosphere of promise, excitement and enthusiasm. The students, teachers and staff operate with eager enjoyment and happiness, everyone was so friendly and welcoming; right down to the maintenance crew when met in the clean classrooms and hallways. I was completely impressed.

The principle, Ms. Tiffany K. has complete run of this educational institution right down to the core day to day operations of the facility. This young lady is all over the place, which is why it’s necessary for her to have a walkie talkie strapped to her hip. She knows what is happening in her school from front to end. This young principle is completely “hands-on” in every aspect of her role. Her teachers and staff respect her and they are a reflection of what she brings to her role and responsibility.

I’m beyond extremely proud of this young lady and being in her school brought such excitement to my soul, almost to the point of tears. Why? Because I use to babysit Tiffany as a toddler every Saturday. I would take her shopping and spend my Saturdays with her while her parents worked. I knew her when she was still in her mama’s womb. When she was born and came into fruition, her mom asked me to name her. I chose the name Tiffany Kenyatta Allen, not only because I loved the store but the name was also my alias name 🙂 in my club hopping days.

The fruits of our labor has sincerely paid off!  Ms. Allen is not only making history each and everyday but she’s walking into it like a BOSS!  

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ReadyWriter Production Company Celebrating “18 years” in Business!!!

Saturday June 2, 2018 will mark 18 years in business for ReadyWriter Production Company. We are elated by its progress while realizing the goals and milestones we have yet to accomplish.

Tracy L. Bell is CEO and Proprietor and always credit her parents for being the backbone of such success, since it was her mother who saw the potential as her clientele began to grow, way before her experiences took root and launched into a publishing entity.

We’re very proud to say that today, we are a multifaceted business where our ministry exceeds our expectations.

Our anniversary theme this year focuses on “small business” the goal is to interact more and support small start-ups and small businesses.

Mr. Wayne Lester Proprietor of DJ Wayne’s Cultural Emporium

Our anniversary month will kick off on Saturday June 2 with a book signing event at DJ Wayne’s Cultural Emporium located at 162 Passaic Street in Passaic, NJ. Ms. Bell will be signing copies of her three titles from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM and raffling off an Anniversary Gift Basket full of her books, some of her favorite things and apparel.

Raffle tickets are $2.00 and can be purchased at our “online store” just select the “FREE SHIPPING” option at checkout. The cutoff time for tickets is midnight on June 1st.

ReadyWriter Production Company Anniversary Basket

As you may know, ReadyWriter production Company is the home and parent company of this blog and the blog talk radio show, “Conversations Of A Sistah”

As we live this month reflecting on our success, we would just like to say “thank you” for your continued support throughout the years and for being a very important part of our intricate success!!

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ReadyWriter Production Company is Boss!

Today marks the 17th anniversary of my business, ReadyWriter Production Company. I’m shocked by its progress while realizing we have more milestones to go.

While my parents have been the backbone of such success, my mother saw the potential as my clientele began to grow, way before my experiences took root and launched into publishing. I’m very proud to say that today, we are a multifaceted business and our ministry exceeds our expectations.

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ReadyWriter Production Company is the home and parent company of this blog and the blog talk radio show, Conversations Of A Sistah”

As I use this month to reflect on our success, I would just like to “thank you” for your continued support throughout the years and being a part of our intricate success!!

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Winner of the 1st Round of Tracy’s Favorite things Giveaway 2016

rwpc_teesThe winners of last weeks t-shirt give away are Adriane Page, Felicia Weeks and Quincy “QTip” Reese.

These loyal readers and followers were the first to know the correct answer that, ReadyWriter Production Company was established on June 1, 2000.

14479557_10153992836352106_7566758120229658278_nI hope you will join me in “Congratulating” our fellow readers/followers for being loyal enough to know the answer posted regarding last week’s trivia.

Stay tuned for this week’s give-away trivia, as there’s still hope that you’ll have another chance to win, so keep hope alive and keep trying.

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Would you still Date -or- Marry Him, if he made “Less Money than you?” on “Conversations Of A Sistah

Indepenent-woman-shaidysworldIn today’s society  women are high achievers, successful and financially secure. They’re buying homes and investing in property and basically holding their own. Women are no longer waiting on the dream of meeting a prince and living in his home with 2.5 children and the white picket fence. Today’s women are independently stable and self-sufficient.

The successful woman have choices because they no longer need to worry about some man supporting or taking care of them? However, if you’re a woman who is in the top 10% of earners and you INSIST that your man out earn you, then you’ve now eliminated 90% of the dating population. And that’s before you’ve considered kindness, compatibility, attraction, values, height, weight, age, humor, children, etc. Doesn’t that sound like a self-defeating edict? Sure does.

Tune-in tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST on Conversations Of A Sistah” via Blog Talk Radio as I weigh in on the subject “Should Women date -or- Marry a man who makes LESS money than she does?”

I will be taking calls in the studio at 1-917-889-7872, just press “1” to speak with the operator.

Click the “Conversations link” in this post to access the show! ~ See you on the air!