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Newsflash….Thee exact same Reason Women don’t marry!

I saw this post by Keishorne Scott the other day on IG, as to why men don’t marry?

You are all familiar with Scott who has been a featured guest on “Conversations Of A Sistah“. Well I must take the relationship guru to task and beg to differ a bit because you have some single women who feel the exact same way. In that there is nothing in marrying for them accept to become a man’s house servant, baby maker, porn star and/or waitress.

So what exactly does marriage offer women today? Because I know some women who have lost themselves after they marry, let alone their freedom.

So……the exact can be said about why some women choose to remain single.

The women of today are educated, independent and accomplished and cautious about who they settle with as a mate. Some women are unmarried because there are several factors that come into play concerning what they would have to give up for taking on a partner in holy matrimony. The more women accomplish, the less likely they are inclined to settle for someone who could potentially ruin all they’ve built and acquired financially.

Women are just as cautious concerning entering into a legal contract with someone who could potentially slaughter all that they’ve worked hard for and gained.

Women aren’t wimping out either, they are being just as smart as men when it comes down to entering into the legal contract of marriage, especially since both sexes can have a hidden agenda.

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Kevin Hart Ties the knot this past weekend….Do U care?

Kevin_Hart MarriedComedian Kevin Hart finally married his longtime girlfriend Eniko Parrish. The couple tied the knot at Oprah‘s estate this weekend after a 3-year engagement. Really, it took him three (3) years to know if she was really the one?

Hart posted a wedding photo on of himself with his new bride and his 2 children, Hendrix and Heaven Hart, from a previous marriage.

He captioned the image “#Harts What’s understood doesn’t need to be said!!!! LiveLoveLove

What needs to be said is Kevin Hart thinks he traded up from his first wife especially since his fiancée’s body language over the years, speaks to the fact that, she think she’s more important than Kevin. Apparently he didn’t get the memo but he will, let’s just wait on time.


Hart’s new wife seems to have a narcissistic attitude that’s troubling. I’ve never seen a bride pose for a wedding photo like she’s on a Broadway stage, then changed into another gown at their reception.

Anyway, do you see any similarities between his former wife and new wife?

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It’s “NEVER OK” for a Man (married or single) To Have a Side Chick

beyonce-lemonade-hbo-compressedI woke up to a flood of email messages this morning from blog readers and show listeners wondering what my thoughts and opinions were regarding Beyoncé’s new music “Lemonade”.

And based upon what I’m being schooled on is, Beyonce pouring out her frustration and bitterness in a collection of songs laced with lyrics of infidelity and deceit.

The gist of all the buzz is, Beyoncé’s husband of six years, rap mogul Jay Z cheated on her when she makes reference to Jay Z‘s mistress “Becky” in her song Sorry,” which ends with the line, “he better call Becky with the good hair.” Also referencing his mistress being a white woman.

The woman identified as Jay’s mistress is a fashion designer by the name of Rachel Roy. Roy is believed to be the catalyst behind Solange‘s (Beyoncé’s sister), infamous elevator assault on Jay Z in 2014. Surveillance video inside the elevator captured Solange wildly punching and kicking Jay Z as Beyonce stood by and watched with detached amusement.

My thoughts are #1, I can’t believe ‘good hair’ amongst women is still being referenced in 2016, along with the notion that women have to compete with white women for a man, their man or any man for that fact.

#2, That women are so damn desperate for a man, that they would actually think or accept it being ok for him to be with you and a side chick? What the fuck is wrong with women today? If he can’t  commit to you, kick his disloyal ass to the curb. Point, blank period!!

A male associate of mine said to me this morning, “Beyoncé is a strong woman to stay with Jay Z” Really? This has absolutely nothing to do with her strength but the message she’s sending to young woman regarding their self-worth. If you know he’s cheating and got a side chick, it’s not love it’s stupidity.

There you have it, my  2 cents and opinion on the matter..

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Would you still Date -or- Marry Him, if he made “Less Money than you?” on “Conversations Of A Sistah

Indepenent-woman-shaidysworldIn today’s society  women are high achievers, successful and financially secure. They’re buying homes and investing in property and basically holding their own. Women are no longer waiting on the dream of meeting a prince and living in his home with 2.5 children and the white picket fence. Today’s women are independently stable and self-sufficient.

The successful woman have choices because they no longer need to worry about some man supporting or taking care of them? However, if you’re a woman who is in the top 10% of earners and you INSIST that your man out earn you, then you’ve now eliminated 90% of the dating population. And that’s before you’ve considered kindness, compatibility, attraction, values, height, weight, age, humor, children, etc. Doesn’t that sound like a self-defeating edict? Sure does.

Tune-in tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST on Conversations Of A Sistah” via Blog Talk Radio as I weigh in on the subject “Should Women date -or- Marry a man who makes LESS money than she does?”

I will be taking calls in the studio at 1-917-889-7872, just press “1” to speak with the operator.

Click the “Conversations link” in this post to access the show! ~ See you on the air!

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Woman married herself, after failing to meet the man of her dreams!

Family support: Ms Eleby's motherwalked her down the aisle in a ceremony she described as 'poignant'

Yasmin Eleby (pictured above) had the same pressure most woman do when not married by a certain age, so the 4o year old single traveler, took matters into her own hands by marrying herself.

The Houston, Texas native tied the knot earlier this month surrounded by friends and family in a ceremony performed by three ministers. Of course it is not legally possible to marry oneself in America, so the ceremony was spiritual rather than legal.

In Yasmin’s celebration of “life and love” her ceremony was complete with a bridal party of ten (10) bridesmaids (who all wore grey dove dresses), included her mother who in turn, walked her down the isle.


Ms. Eleby loves to travel and her plans to visit Cambodia, Laos, and Dubai will serve as an extended honeymoon later this year.

Would you marry yourself?