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ReadyWriter Production Company Celebrating “18 years” in Business!!!

Saturday June 2, 2018 will mark 18 years in business for ReadyWriter Production Company. We are elated by its progress while realizing the goals and milestones we have yet to accomplish.

Tracy L. Bell is CEO and Proprietor and always credit her parents for being the backbone of such success, since it was her mother who saw the potential as her clientele began to grow, way before her experiences took root and launched into a publishing entity.

We’re very proud to say that today, we are a multifaceted business where our ministry exceeds our expectations.

Our anniversary theme this year focuses on “small business” the goal is to interact more and support small start-ups and small businesses.

Mr. Wayne Lester Proprietor of DJ Wayne’s Cultural Emporium

Our anniversary month will kick off on Saturday June 2 with a book signing event at DJ Wayne’s Cultural Emporium located at 162 Passaic Street in Passaic, NJ. Ms. Bell will be signing copies of her three titles from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM and raffling off an Anniversary Gift Basket full of her books, some of her favorite things and apparel.

Raffle tickets are $2.00 and can be purchased at our “online store” just select the “FREE SHIPPING” option at checkout. The cutoff time for tickets is midnight on June 1st.

ReadyWriter Production Company Anniversary Basket

As you may know, ReadyWriter production Company is the home and parent company of this blog and the blog talk radio show, “Conversations Of A Sistah”

As we live this month reflecting on our success, we would just like to say “thank you” for your continued support throughout the years and for being a very important part of our intricate success!!

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Winner of the 1st Round of Tracy’s Favorite things Giveaway 2016

rwpc_teesThe winners of last weeks t-shirt give away are Adriane Page, Felicia Weeks and Quincy “QTip” Reese.

These loyal readers and followers were the first to know the correct answer that, ReadyWriter Production Company was established on June 1, 2000.

14479557_10153992836352106_7566758120229658278_nI hope you will join me in “Congratulating” our fellow readers/followers for being loyal enough to know the answer posted regarding last week’s trivia.

Stay tuned for this week’s give-away trivia, as there’s still hope that you’ll have another chance to win, so keep hope alive and keep trying.

Tracy L. Bell, Tracys giveaway 2016

Tracy’s Favorite things Giveaway 2016

rwpc_tshirtAs a token of my appreciation to those readers and followers who’ve followed the blog and are avid listeners of my show throughout the year, this is the time of the year I like to give back!! 

Each week (until Christmas), I will be giving away products from ReadyWriter Production Company’s inventory. And this week you can win one of our t-shirts in purple and gold or black and white. Our t-shirts are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.

The first reader(s) who can tell me ON WHAT date my business was established in 2000, will win one of our t-shirts.

Good luck!!!

The winner will be announced on Monday December 12th.

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ReadyWriter Production Company adds “Respect Yourself Campaign”

ReadyWriter Production Company is proud to present “A RESPECT YOURSELF” Campaign to raise awareness of the importance to “RESPECT” one’s self as well as others.

In today’s society it is very common to insult someone based upon their race, creed or individual preferences. If it’s easy to disrespect someone all in the attitude of hatred or dislike, it should be just as easy to respect another individual as a human being.

For disrespect is not something to accept.

“In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute, when we RESPECT ourselves and one another.”

A lack of self-respect can prevent one from fulfilling their potential and developing healthy relationships. Often we respect individuals who are more accomplished than ourselves however, there is a basic level of respect that is a right and does not need to be earned.

Whatever you believe to be respect, apply it to yourself, don’t harm yourself or hurt yourself but instead, respect yourself!

Every individual is different and unique in their own right. It will always be impossible to respect someone else, if you can’t respect yourself first!

When it starts with you, respect is due!

And it’s a powerful thing, when respect you bring…

So join in with us… for it is health and strive each day to respect yourself!

Order your RESPECT YOURSELF wristbands (as shown here!)


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