Fan mail

Why the black man is a disappointment.

I receive fan mail all the time, emails, IG and Facebook comments about show ideas or my listeners and readers wanting certain topics of conversation, but this particular letter we received this morning, the sender asked me to share and publish, so here it is..

Dear Ms. Bell,

I would just like to tell you why I chose to date outside of my race. The main reason is because the black men I’ve encountered have disappointed me. Yes that’s right, the black man is a disappointment. And I cannot depend on a black man. They promise and don’t come through, they talk but put no muscle or action behind their words. Half of them want you to run after them or take care of them. Some are lazy with no ambition. The man I’m with is my white prince. I can count on him, depend on him and he keeps his word, never before have I experienced what I’m experiencing now with my white king. He’s ambitious and see a future with me, never leaving me wondering and/or guessing where I stand in his life. He erases my doubt and secure all of my fears. So yes I’m a black woman in love with and will marry a white man, why? Because once again a black man never stepped up to the plate, he allowed someone else to take and appreciate his queen.

I Thank you for sharing but like Tika Sumpter, Serena Williams and countless others, trust that I understand.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to your show!

Loyal follower/reader

Wow!!! – I’ve already addressed her, feel free to do the same.

ReadyWriter Production Company, Tracy L. Bell, Tracys giveaway 2016

Winner of the 1st Round of Tracy’s Favorite things Giveaway 2016

rwpc_teesThe winners of last weeks t-shirt give away are Adriane Page, Felicia Weeks and Quincy “QTip” Reese.

These loyal readers and followers were the first to know the correct answer that, ReadyWriter Production Company was established on June 1, 2000.

14479557_10153992836352106_7566758120229658278_nI hope you will join me in “Congratulating” our fellow readers/followers for being loyal enough to know the answer posted regarding last week’s trivia.

Stay tuned for this week’s give-away trivia, as there’s still hope that you’ll have another chance to win, so keep hope alive and keep trying.

Tracy L. Bell, Tracys giveaway 2016

Tracy’s Favorite things Giveaway 2016

rwpc_tshirtAs a token of my appreciation to those readers and followers who’ve followed the blog and are avid listeners of my show throughout the year, this is the time of the year I like to give back!! 

Each week (until Christmas), I will be giving away products from ReadyWriter Production Company’s inventory. And this week you can win one of our t-shirts in purple and gold or black and white. Our t-shirts are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.

The first reader(s) who can tell me ON WHAT date my business was established in 2000, will win one of our t-shirts.

Good luck!!!

The winner will be announced on Monday December 12th.

Good food

Since Some Of My Readers Just Need To Know!

Some of you are anxious to know where I’ve been dining on my down time, like any good blogger I’m compelled to tell.

I had dinner recently at Travinia’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar. The food was exceptional and the service impeccable.

The menu variety was huge however I opted for the Orzo spinach salad with shrimp (close to what’s shown above). The ambiance was comfortable and romantic, with it’s soft music and candle lit dinner tables. The scene was alive, the cost was average and well worth the experience.

Then on yesterday, I dined out at “Cracker Barrel” restaurant, where almost everything on the menu was “Fat, Fat and more Fat!”

It was off the hook on gravies and high in cholesterol count. I felt fat from reading the menu alone. 

Although this restaurant is big on breakfast, I was there with friends for a late lunch/early dinner. 

My choice for a meal was, fried shrimp, mixed vegetables, a mixed green salad and French fries. The food was good but would I eat here again? Probably not.


Ok guys catch you later got eat the breakfast my brother made me. Grits, eggs and cinnamon toast. He can keep the “Jimmy Dean” maple country sausage. Ugh!