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  1. He Kept Both Promises and Marrying Her was one!!


    May 15, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

    The couple who survived that deadly Charlottesville, VA attack last August by white supremacist were married this past weekend in …
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  2. Black Couples who have impacted history Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


    February 14, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

    As this weeks show fall on Valentine’s Day, during Black History Month, it seems appropriate to take a look at …
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  3. Actress Tika Sumpters Fiancé Revealed


    June 20, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

    Actress Tika Sumpter‘s baby daddy, actor Nick James, wished her a happy 37th birthday on today, Tuesday, June 20. James …
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  4. Relationship Coach Mr. Keishorne Scott Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


    May 17, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

    He’s not just a relationship coach and internet sensation, but he’s a best selling author, speaker, award winner and entrepreneur. …
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  5. “Sex does not equal love” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


    February 22, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

    These women posting statuses and photos online hoping that someone will notice them are really pathetic. Sistahs posing half naked …
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