CNN Suspends Roland Martin because of ‘His Tweet’

CNN has apparently caved in to pressure from gay groups by suspending political analyst Roland Martin for making a joke about British soccer star David Beckham.

A CNN spokeswoman confirmed the suspension with this statement issued today:

“Roland Martin’s tweets were regrettable and offensive. Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated. We have been giving careful consideration to this matter, and Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being.”

Martin came under attack from gay groups after tweeting a wisecrack about Beckham’s underwear commercial which aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast on NBC.

Martin seemed to suggest in his tweet that his followers “smack the ish out of” any male Super Bowl fan who is “hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad.”

Martin added that “real bruhs” would not purchase underwear advertised by Beckham.

Martin seemed to suggest in his tweet that his followers “smack the ish out of” any male Super Bowl fan who is “hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad.”

A network suspension is usually the first step towards a contract termination. Martin was a CNN political analyst for 4 years and ths is so unfortuante because I like him.


Teen who butchered 9-year-old neighbor wrote killing her was amazing, enjoyable in her journal before going to church..

A Missouri teenager who admitted stabbing, strangling and slitting the throat of her neighbor Elizabeth Olten, wrote in her journal on the night of the killing that it was an “ahmazing” and “pretty enjoyable” experience” then headed off to church with a laugh.

These were the words written by Alyssa Bustamante (pictured above) that were read aloud in court on Monday as part of a sentencing hearing, to determine whether she should get life in prison or something less for the October 2009 murder of her neighbor (pictured left).

The journal entry was presented to the judge not long after Elizabeth’s mother and other relatives pleaded with Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce to impose the maximum sentence on this sick little devil.

FBI agents seized the journal from Bustamante’s bedroom during a search of her family’s home the day after Elizabeth went missing as hundreds of volunteers scoured the rural area around St. Martin’s.

Bustamante suggested to FBI and the Missouri State Highway Patrol officials that the girl had probably been kidnapped and that whoever had done so deserved to be convicted.

At one point, law enforcement officers discovered a hole in the ground in the shape of a shallow grave near Bustamante’s home. They testified that Bustamante acknowledged digging it but said she just liked to dig holes. It was only later that Elizabeth’s body was found concealed under leaves in another grave in the woods behind the Bustamante home.

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Both Donald Trump And Mitt Romney Are Phony!!

First the Donald was going to endorse Newt Gingrich but much to everyone’s surprise Donald Trump has endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney for president.

In announcing his decision today at a packed news conference, Trump said Romney is “not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country we all love.”

Romney said he was honored to receive Trump’s endorsement, but he is more concerned with winning the endorsement of Nevada voters in the presidential caucuses Saturday.

Romney, who famously said he didn’t care about the poor, is not concerned with repairing his image as a racist elitist.

Romney will roundly defeat him in the upcoming Presidential election in November.

Romney told CNN, “I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90 to 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.” He added: “I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.”

Can Romney roundly defeat President Obama in the upcoming Presidential election in November??


Christina Aguilera was leaking at the Etta James Funeral Tribute…

OMG!!!! Tongues were wagging and some were gagging during the performance of songstress Christina Aguilera’s Etta James tribute on Sunday. Not because she tore the roof off the place with her amazing vocals, but because she appeared to be leaking bodily fluids on stage from between her legs.

Here’s what actually happened according to US Weekly:

In photos of Aguilera’s incredible tribute to James — who passed away Jan. 20 — fans noticed odd streaks running down her legs.

“She sang her heart out. It was a memorial service for her idol and she was nervous,” an insider explains to Us of the performance. (Aguilera, 31, has been covering “At Last” for years and called James “a true gift to music and a woman of great spirit and courage” on her website after James’ death.”

“It was her proudest moment,” the source explains. “The sweat caused her spray tan to streak.”

Yet Christina doesn’t appear to be “sweating” anywhere else on her body — except in the vicinity of her vagina. Do women spray tan their vaginas? :shrug:


Cop Killer Shouts Obscenities In Court, He Also Killed His Baby Mama…

If you don’t believe the devil is real and can use people, please review the cop killer who had his day in court yesterday in Aiken, South Carolina. Check out how his behavior is animalistic and how at one point he uses obscenities at the judge and reporters.

Joshua Tremaine Jones, 26, was arrested Saturday and charged with shooting Master Public Safety Officer Sandra E. Rogers in Aiken, S.C. Saturday morning.

According to WRDW.com, Rogers, 49, was gunned down while responding to a call from a concerned citizen of suspicious activity at Eustis Park just after 7:30 a.m.

Jones is also charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend, Cayce Vice, who was shot once in the head in her Augusta, GA apartment on Saturday. Cayce (pictured above) was 5 weeks pregnant.

On Monday Jones stood before Judge Donna Williamson for a bond hearing in Aiken. He entered the courtroom wearing an orange and white striped jail jumpsuit. Jones appeared to be experiencing acute side effects of antipsychotic medications.

“Do you want to be screened for an attorney?” asked Judge Williamson.

“I don’t care!” Jones yelled back. After mouthing a few profanities in the direction of reporters, Jones turned his attention back to the judge.

“Do you have the income to hire an attorney on your own?” she asked him.

“Does it look like it? G** d******!” Jones answered back.

“What I saw in court today was a very disturbing individual. He appeared to show no remorse for the actions he had taken. He was disrespectful to the judge and others in the courtroom while he was there,” said Captain. Troy Elwell with Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

Jones’ father, James, said his son suffers from mental problems, and he might have been off his meds during his explosive court appearance.

Jones’ father also told reporters he believes his son’s actions are the “work of Satan”.

“It’s purely the work of the devil. It’s got to be the work of Satan. It’s a spirit world that is way beyond us,” he said.