Obama Sends The Same Seals Who Captured Bin Laden To Rescue Americans

Last night, while the president delivered his confrontational State of the Union address, a special Navy SEAL forces unit, parachuted into Somalia to rescue an American man and woman.

During the fierce gun battle, nine Somali pirates were killed and five captured by the SEALs. The U.S. special forces team was the same SEALs unit that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May 2011.

The elite U.S. special forces team which killed Osama Bin Laden parachuted into Somalia last night and rescued an American woman and a Danish man in a fierce gun battle with the pirates holding them hostage.

Aid workers Jessica Buchanan, 32, of Rosslyn, Virginia, and Poul Hagen Thisted, 60, of Denmark, who were kidnapped last October, are unharmed and at a safe location. Source

Prior to the raid, Mr. Obama placed a call to Ms. Buchanon’s dad John to say: “All Americans have Jessica in our thoughts and prayers, and give thanks that she will soon be reunited with her family.”

Michelle is wearing that dress Fam. 🙂


Tiger’s Ex-wife Destroys A Perfectly Good Mansion

Elin Nordegren purchased a 12 million dollar mansion in Florida shortly after divorcing Tiger Woods. The beautiful sprawling property had eight bathrooms, six bedrooms, a swimming pool and several other amenities one can get use too.

But apparently, Elin felt the modest 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom pad wasn’t quite up to her standards … so she KNOCKED THE WHOLE DAMN MANSION DOWN! That’s right she bulldozed it.

Word on the street is, Nordegren has hired a high-priced architect to build her dream home … and sources say every single worker is required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

No word on how long the project is expected to take — but the internet is all abuzz because Elin is living in a nearby mansion inside the private community while the new place is under construction.

Guess it’s nice to be rich.


Did Jim Jones Propose Or Just Give Chrissy A Ring?

I’m confused…..How many of you saw last nights episode of Love & HipHop when Jim called Chrissy out of the restaurant and gave her a ring? Did he even ask her to marry him? Did he even get down on one knee? Looks to me like he just handed her a ring.

Oh I have so many questions…..Why was his “giving her the ring” not an open display of love and excitement? Why were Chrissy’ friends and family not included in on this “ring giving” by Jim? I got the impression that this was a “here you go ring, now shut the hell up”.

Then Chrissy had to ask Jim to put the ring on her finger! I watched in awe like, wow, she’s so desperate for a ring that she accepted his whacked ass initiation of it. I can’t even say he proposed to her. It was like she broke him down and forced him into a choice.

Side note ladies: never force a man to marry you based upon ultimatums and pressure., it’ll never work. The man finds the wife, the man knows when he wants to get married and makes that decision sincerely. Marriage should never be forced. Now let’s see if they’ll actually get to the altar and if Jim will actually set a date?


Eddie Long’s New Birth Christian Academy Closes

Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Christian Academy is closing its doors after 18 years in operation. I guess this all apart of “God’s operation and the Eddie Long empire shut down”.

The private school’s 200 students learned about the school closing in a letter sent home to their parents and signed by Carlton Donald, the board’s vice-chair.

The school’s tuition ranged from $5,253 for New Birth members to $6,198 for non-members, according to the Atlanta Journal.

The school’s closing is just another step toward the dismantling of Eddie Long’s church empire in Atlanta. The church has laid off staff after losing hundreds of members since Long settled a sexual coercion case filed against him by four former New Birth members who were heterosexual and gay.

Additionally, Bernice King, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, stepped down as a church elder in May. And 10 former parishioners filed a $1 million lawsuit against Long and the church alleging they lost their life savings in an investment scam.

Long, who temporally stepped down as the church’s senior pastor this month, reportedly used the school as a hunting ground for young males to satisfy his sexual appetite. In court documents, Long was accused of coercing the young men with Bible passages and plying at least two of the boys with cash, trips, gifts and cars to loosen their sexual inhibitions.

Earlier this month, the embattled preacher’s long-suffering wife, Vanessa, announced she was filing for divorce.


Crazed Brooklyn Man Burned Woman Alive Over Money

The man suspected of burning a Brooklyn woman alive in an elevator said he committed the heinous attack because the woman owed him $2,000.

Jerome Isaac, 47, of 315 Lincoln Place in Brooklyn turned himself into police Saturday night. He was reeking of gasoline and made statements implicating himself in the horrific murder of his former lover, Dorothy Gillespie, 73, of 203 Underhill Ave in Brooklyn.

Police say Isaac stalked Gillespie and waited for her outside an elevator as she returned home from grocery shopping. Isaac, who was dressed as an exterminator, used a gasoline filled insecticide canister to spray Gillespie before setting her on fire with a barbecue lighter.

“He opens the door and sprayed her methodically over her head, over her body,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. “She’s cowering, trying to protect her face with her hands.”

A resident of the Prospect Heights building said he heard sounds of an intense struggle. “She was screaming at the top of her lungs,” said the resident.

“It sounded like a person being attacked, rather than someone stuck in an elevator,” said the neighbor. “It sounded like she was in trouble.”

Residents of the building where Gillespie lived say the older woman moved Isaac into her 5th floor apartment earlier this year. The former postal worker hired Isaac to do odd jobs but fired him after she caught him stealing, her nephew told the NY Post.

Isaac told cops he had left a note on Gillespie’s door with a list of chores he was demanding payment for. But Gillespie refused to pay him after she caught him stealing and kicked him out.

Police today charged Isaac with first-degree murder and arson in Gillespie’s death. He was also charged with arson for setting fire to his own apartment in a nearby building after killing Gillespie.