‘Is it ever OK being content as the side chick?’ Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

You know that woman who does absolutely nothing for the project, but still receives a good grade for all of the hard work the other person puts in? Yeah well That’s a side chick. Reaping the benefits of a relationship without actually putting in the work for it. And that’s why side chicks are becoming such a big deal. This generation of women would much rather take the easy route out, instead of settling down and sticking it out in a functional, serious relationship.

Some may argue that being a side chick isn’t a very attractive option, and that women take the back seat to the main woman in a man’s life. But in this case, it’s all about perspective. While some may see it as coming second, some women see it as coming first without ever having to run the race. Some women feel as if they’ve already paid the price of being in the “main woman” seat for many years, therefore content with having the new “side chick” status.

Nine times out of 10, the side chick knows of the man’s current relationship status. And more often than not, she is the shoulder to cry on, the therapist he confides in when he is having relationship issues. One of the most appealing aspects of being a side chick is not having to worry about the arguments. Since the man often comes to the side chick to complain about the issues he’s having in his main relationship, the side chick generally experiences the “good side.”

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Self Hatred Is Real Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Tennis star Serena Williams is the topic of conversation these days, since getting engaged and pregnant by Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. And according to the greatest female tennis player and quite possibly the greatest female athlete of all time, out of all the men she’s dated, the white men especially her now fiancé, have treated her better than the Black men she’s dated. Many are saying, it’s self-hatred when you marry and pro-create outside of your race.

We’re all entitled to our opinions because you can’t control who you love or can you? But when you cohabitate and pro-create outside of your race, is it self hate? When you long to have mixed children because you want your children mixed breed, is that self-hate? Do you look in the mirror and hate the person staring back at you?

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Why Do People Play Games in Relationships? on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

All of us at one point or another in our lives play psychological games. Whether consciously or unconsciously, whether at home, at work, among strangers, or among friends, we have all engaged in games that are sometimes beneficial and useful, and other times detrimental to our health and the well-being of others.

Psychological games are often rewarding to one party and harmful to the other, creating exhausting and messy dynamics in every kind of relationship. Sometimes we are so deeply ingrained in the cat-and-mouse games that define our relationships that we aren’t even aware of what is happening.

So why do people play games in relationships? And how can you identify whether you are instigating the games, or serving as the prey of them?

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Can you unplug for a week? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah?

Can you unplug for a day, even a month? No television, internet or cell phones? Is it possible? I mean, can this be a reality for a week or even a day or two? We live in a connected world and our expectations have changed.

We’re supposed to check email multiple times a day and be available to take phone calls at any hour. This happens on the job front and in the work force, as well as in our collective businesses. And some of us are suffering for it.

The easy access and connection that was touted as the new way to create work life balance has, instead, stolen the life part out of the equation. I’ve seen a family in restaurants having dinner and everyone at the table is glued to a cell phone. What has happened in today’s society that we’re so dependent on our electronic connections?

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‘Relationship jumpers’, tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

fall-in-loveYou know the ones, they jump from one relationship to the next without fully healing from the unhealthy relationship they were just in? And “boom” two days or two weeks after a break-up, they’re in a whole new relationship.

Those are “Relationship Jumpers“… People who don’t give themselves time to heal emotionally, physically and psychologically. They want instant move-ons, minus the real time it takes to heal from a broken or ended relationship.  

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