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Is he worth submitting to?! Tonight on “Conversations of A Sistah”

Submission is about support. Women have not been called to submit to all men, even a fiance.

If a man is being honest and trustworthy, she will honor and respect that man regardless of their status.

Our mentors used to tell us “you are single until you get married” and submission only comes when you get married. So until you get married, there’s huge bits and pieces of yourself which shouldn’t be given away for the simple reason you are single!

What is submission anyway? And how should we submit in our relationships?

Join the conversation at 6:30 p.m. EST with host Tracy L. Bell for her commentary “when is it OK to submit in a relationship?” on “Conversations Of A Sistah

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44 thoughts on “Is he worth submitting to?! Tonight on “Conversations of A Sistah””

    1. Good morning.
      I wanna know who is submitting to who? it’s a new day and men are no longer superior to women except in the army maybe O_o Can’t say Tracy tripping with this topic casue…we haven’t heard it yet. we know the post is always bait O_o


  1. My relationship works just fine without an official leader. We’re like partners running a business. We compromise, but nobody just makes the final decision. If we can’t agree, we figure something out. Always. So Y’all know I’ll be tuned in.


  2. I have never met a man who wants to lead a women. This must be exclusive to Christians, because other men laugh at this. How do you know it’s the real word of god, and not just some dude who was mad his woman wouldn’t listen to him? 😆


    1. Exactly @Sane,
      Men have abused religion to further their own agendas since it began. This is one of them. If men were meant to lead, women wouldn’t have the ability to make perfectly sound, and sometimes even better, choices.
      Tracy better come correct on this topic tonight too. 😡


  3. All I know is, I want “us” to be equal. I can’t submit to a man who has less than me. if I’m driving and he’s busing it, how can I submit? yea weigh this topic well, Ms. Bell. O_o


  4. Call me old fashion but I allow my husband to wear the pants. It doesn’t mean I’m weak or don’t make any decisions. It means I know when to STFU and let my man be a man. I married him because I love AND TRUST him so what he says goes.


  5. Many relationships don’t work because women don’t know how to let a man be a man. I’m no ventriloquist dummy in my relationship Because my husband doesn’t abuse his “authority”. And trust and believe when I need to intervene and “borrow” his pants I do 😆

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