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Target Apologizes for “Baby Daddy” Father’s Day Cards

Was it really the thought behind the Afrocentric-themed “Baby Daddy” Father’s Day cards that counted? Not everyone appreciated the creative line of cards that celebrated unmarried Black fathers and deadbeat dads who abandon their baby mamas for father’s day.

The term “Baby daddy” was popularized in the hit song “My Baby Daddy” by one-hit-wonders B-Rock and the Bizz.

Target pulled the cards by greeting card company American Greetings after Black Twitter heaped scorn and ridicule in retweets of the card.

The cards were sold in about 900 stores across the country.

“We want all guests to feel welcomed and respected when they shop at Target,” Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas said in a statement to USA Today on Thursday.

American Greetings employs diverse artists to create cards that target minorities.

“This particular card was created for, and addressed to, a loving husband — which the inside copy makes clear,” the card publisher said in a statement, adding:

“However, we now see that the front page, taken out of context, can communicate an unintentional meaning that we are strongly against perpetuating and is not consistent with our company purpose and values.”

The retailer promised to “do better” in the future.

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NBA Star Dwight Howard Accused of Beating 6-Year-Old Son with Belt Buckle

Royce_DwightFormer reality TV star Royce Reed (pictured right), is accusing her baby daddy, NBA player Dwight Howard of beating their 6-year old son, Braylon with a belt buckle. The Cobb County Police Department (where Howard resides off-season), is investigating the accusations.

According to TMZ, the Dept. of Children and Family Services in Florida (DFS) determined there wasn’t enough evidence of child abuse to go forward, but it turns out the incident occurred in Georgia. Howard admits he hit his kid with a belt, but says he didn’t know it was wrong because he was hit as a kid.

Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed is “shopping her baseless allegations” to Georgia authorities although Florida’s Dept. of Children and Family Services found her claims had “no merit.” For the record, DFS found the allegations credible, but concluded they did not meet the standard of proof required for formal action. However, Royce is adamantly pushing the issue.

Dwight in turn, has filed for full parental custody, siting that Royce uses medicinal child care for their son in order to control him, keep him calm and to take naps.  

In the meantime, a petition started circulating by concerned citizens urging the Rockets to suspend Howard from the team.


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Diddy’s Mother’s Day Brunch…


Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever he’s calling himself these days, had a Mother’s Day brunch for his mama and all his baby’s mama’s.

As you can see from the picture above all were in attendance; Misa Hylton, Sarah Chapman and Kim Porter. And although Kim vowed to never have anything to do with Sarah and her daughter (Diddy’s oldest daughter by Sarah), she’s seated directly next next to her.

Apparently, money changes everything, even attitudes.

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Adrian Peterson’s Baby Mama Is Revealed…Was she a good mother?


After the two-year old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson passed away from injuries he sustained during a horrific beating at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend, the child’s mother, Ann “Ashley” Doohen took to social media sites to post pictures of her son.

Ann took to her Facebook page early in the morning on Oct. 11 to post a picture of her beloved son as a newborn. Dozens of friends liked and commented on the picture, sending their thoughts and prayers to Ann as her son remained on life support, in critical condition, at a Sioux Falls, South Dakota hospital. Tragically, the toddler, whom several Facebook users referred to as “Ty,” passed away later that day.

Ann was a wonderful mother, who showered her son with love and affection

Are her friends trying to appease her guilt? Where was she when her crazy ass boyfriend was pouncing on her son?

As for her boyfriend, Joseph Robert Patterson, 27, he was arrested in connection with the boy’s death on two counts: aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault. He was formally charged in his first court appearance on Oct. 11.


Adrian Peterson had met his son for the first time as the child lie on life support. He and Ann had been in disputes over the child’s paternity since the child was born.

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“He’s just my baby daddy” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


Too many men are satisfied with fathering the child without the commitment of marriage, making this a modern-day trend. And too many women are willing to play cow-tow and assisting in this role. 

Then he becomes the father of your child, whom you did not marry and with whom you are not currently involved. Yet he’s no longer involved with you, that is, if the two of you were ever really involved at all.

He’s moved on as guys always do and now he has that new title for the rest of his life as being your baby daddy. A term applied to those fathers of illegitimate children, children born outside of a married union.

He’s not your boyfriend or your husband, or even really your friend; he’s just the father of your child. The man whom you chose to co-parent this role with you, a sperm donor who took part in a clone. 

The term baby daddy is ghettoized and the only thing you can call him because you’re not in a relationship with him.

Now comes the drama with your baby’s mama; she has all the rights and control over your kid/kids, you’re on child support because you just wouldn’t aid in the financial support for your kid, the fights are never-ending and the lists goes on.  

Are these your issues and is this your story? 

Join me tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah via “Conversations Live” as I discuss how to keep the baby mama and daddy drama at bay.

I’ll be taking your phone calls, feedback and opinions regarding this issues on the air at 1-347-426-3645, press “1” to speak to the host!

You can access the show at any of the links in this post or by clicking here!

In the meantime sound off here and/or email your questions and experiences with your baby mama or baby daddy at