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Diddy’s Mother’s Day Brunch…


Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever he’s calling himself these days, had a Mother’s Day brunch for his mama and all his baby’s mama’s.

As you can see from the picture above all were in attendance; Misa Hylton, Sarah Chapman and Kim Porter. And although Kim vowed to never have anything to do with Sarah and her daughter (Diddy’s oldest daughter by Sarah), she’s seated directly next next to her.

Apparently, money changes everything, even attitudes.

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“Conversations with my Mother” Tonight on Conversations Of A Sistah


Mothers have protected us morally by teaching us right from wrong, many times they have also protected us emotionally by keeping us from things they knew would hurt us. Mothers are always an emotional shield and want their children to learn lessons before they have to live them, which is why the old saying goes, “mother knows best”.

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12, 2013, a day to honor those women in our lives who have made an eternal difference. Maybe it was the woman who gave birth to you, but it also may be an aunt, a sister, or another dear woman who has changed your life for the better.

In honor of Mother’s Day, my guest this week will be the woman who gave me life and directed my course of existence, my mother Mrs. Lottie Bell (pictured above), tonight May 8th at 8:00 PM on “Conversations Of A Sistah”.

You can access the show on “Conversations Live” and send your question related topics to the show at