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NBA Star Dwight Howard Accused of Beating 6-Year-Old Son with Belt Buckle

Royce_DwightFormer reality TV star Royce Reed (pictured right), is accusing her baby daddy, NBA player Dwight Howard of beating their 6-year old son, Braylon with a belt buckle. The Cobb County Police Department (where Howard resides off-season), is investigating the accusations.

According to TMZ, the Dept. of Children and Family Services in Florida (DFS) determined there wasn’t enough evidence of child abuse to go forward, but it turns out the incident occurred in Georgia. Howard admits he hit his kid with a belt, but says he didn’t know it was wrong because he was hit as a kid.

Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed is “shopping her baseless allegations” to Georgia authorities although Florida’s Dept. of Children and Family Services found her claims had “no merit.” For the record, DFS found the allegations credible, but concluded they did not meet the standard of proof required for formal action. However, Royce is adamantly pushing the issue.

Dwight in turn, has filed for full parental custody, siting that Royce uses medicinal child care for their son in order to control him, keep him calm and to take naps.  

In the meantime, a petition started circulating by concerned citizens urging the Rockets to suspend Howard from the team.


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Jesse Jackson’s Love Child, wants to be as big as Beyonce…


Lord have mercy!

Ashley Jackson, 15 (pictured here), with her famous civil rights activist father, reverend, preacher Jesse Jackson, was born out of an affair her mother had with Jackson when she worked for him at Operation PUSH in Washington, DC.

Dr. Karin Stanford (pictured inset with Ashley), conceived her daughter during a secret four-year affair she had with the married Baptist minister and father-of-five, despite the fact she was 20 years his junior.

When Ashley was just 20 months old, news of Jackson’s extra-marital affair went public – causing a national scandal. Jackson, who had just counseled then-president Bill Clinton through his own affair scandal with Monica Lewinsky, was forced to admit to the affair in 2001 and publicly apologized to his wife and other children in an emotional statement.

Fast forward and fourteen plus years later and Karin says “She and the Rev are on good terms and focused on supporting their daughter“.


Ashley is very aware of her parents back story and scandal but is keen to focus on her career.

‘I know about all their issues but I just consider them my parents’ issues not mine,’ Ashley revealed.

The multi-talented teen, who sings, raps, dances and acts, said she is keen to incorporate her father’s legacy in her music and use her creative talents to help people. She hopes her latest single “Just Do Me” will encourage people to be themselves.

Of course Rev Jackson had envisioned his 15-year-old Ashley to maybe follow him or her incarcerated half brother Jesse Jr., into politics or perhaps become an academic scholar like her mother but it looks like the youngster has her heart focused and set on fame.

And although Ashley writes her own music as well as being a gifted artist, she’s adamant she won’t let her pop dreams stop her from finishing her education and going to college although she makes no mentions of her academic status or GPA via the exclusive interview she gave to

Ashley is currently looking for a record deal and says her dream is to one day be as successful as megastar Beyonce and collaborate with rapper Nicki Minaj.


Halle Berry Is Finding Out That, Drama Comes In All Colors

Since being done with black men, actress Halle Berry decided to date and procreate with GQ male model, Gabriel Aubry. Since Halle’s romantic relationship with Aubry ended, they’ve been experiencing all kinds of parental drama being played out in a court of law.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, is recommending that Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, have an adult present when he has custody of his daughter, Nahla, Radar Online reports exclusively.

The decision comes just two weeks after Halle’s former nanny filed a police report alleging that Aubry assaulted her while she was holding Nahla.

“Social workers have recommended that Halle maintain primary custody of Nahla,” a source close to the situation tells “Nahla spends most of her time with her mother. DCFS has also made a new recommendation that Gabriel not be alone with Nahla.

“Case workers are recommending that a nanny be present with Gabriel during his visitation times. Halle’s nanny had been with Nahla when Gabriel had his custodial time from noon until she went to sleep. However, after the alleged incident between the nanny and Gabe, that hasn’t been in place, and he has been alone with Nahla.

“It will be up to the judge to implement the recommendations. Gabriel is fighting having another person with him, he feels that Halle is trying to make his time with their daughter as uncomfortable as possible,” the insider says.

The report also recommends Halle and Aubry attend child parenting classes together.


“Jennifer Hudson Calls Off Her Engagment”

According to Star Magazine, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson has called off her engagement to wrestler and her baby’s daddy, David “Punk” Otunga.

From Star Magazine:

After a three-year engagement, Jennifer Hudson has abandoned plans to walk down the aisle.

The American Idol alumni, 30, and WWE star David Otunga – who have a 2-year-old son, David jr. – are on the outs, clashing over Jennifer’s career obsession, commitment issues and reluctance to have more children.

“They were going to tie the knot in August in Jennifer’s hometown of Chicago… but it’s not going to happen,” an insider reveals.


“Black Woman Arrested For Throwing Bleach On Her Baby Daddy’s Girlfriend In Walmart”

According to the NY Daily News, Theresa Monique Jefferson, 33, was arrested for pouring bleach and Pine Sol on another woman at a Baltimore Wal-Mart on Saturday.

Jefferson turned herself into authorities after the incident and is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $350,000 bail.

Cops told the Baltimore Sun that Jefferson and the unidentified victim had been feuding long before the incident. According to police, Jefferson has a child with the victim’s boyfriend.

In addition to injuring the unidentified woman, 19 other people were sent to area hospitals for treatment of respiratory problems caused by toxic fumes from the mixture of household cleaning products.

This is obviously not the type of behavior that we would expect from people at our stores,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Dianna Gee told the Sun. “And we want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused other customers.”

The store was closed for two hours for cleaning.