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Diddy’s Mother’s Day Brunch…


Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever he’s calling himself these days, had a Mother’s Day brunch for his mama and all his baby’s mama’s.

As you can see from the picture above all were in attendance; Misa Hylton, Sarah Chapman and Kim Porter. And although Kim vowed to never have anything to do with Sarah and her daughter (Diddy’s oldest daughter by Sarah), she’s seated directly next next to her.

Apparently, money changes everything, even attitudes.

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Kim Porter named in lawsuit by former Nanny

Kim Porter

Kim Porter, the second baby mama of rap mogul Sean Combs A.K.A. Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever, was named in a lawsuit filed by her former Nanny. According to the gossip website TMZ, Kim’s Nanny Dawn Drago who worked for Porter, from 2011 to 2012, claims in a lawsuit that, Kim chain-smoked pot in the house and had access to Porter’s cocaine while Diddy’s young daughters were at home:

Drago claims the kids had gotten into “a bag containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.”

Drago says she confronted Porter, who said the bag contained “medicine.”

And there’s more.  Drago also claims Porter verbally and violently abused her before eventually firing her last year.

As for why she was fired … Drago says the marijuana smell was choking and she dared to complain she couldn’t take it.

The case — filed by Patrick Reider — seeks unspecified damages.

No wonder those twins always look neglected and unhappy. When I say neglected I mean, you can tell she doesn’t take an interest in those girls. Those twins always look like she’s not into them.