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Kim Porter named in lawsuit by former Nanny

Kim Porter

Kim Porter, the second baby mama of rap mogul Sean Combs A.K.A. Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever, was named in a lawsuit filed by her former Nanny. According to the gossip website TMZ, Kim’s Nanny Dawn Drago who worked for Porter, from 2011 to 2012, claims in a lawsuit that, Kim chain-smoked pot in the house and had access to Porter’s cocaine while Diddy’s young daughters were at home:

Drago claims the kids had gotten into “a bag containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.”

Drago says she confronted Porter, who said the bag contained “medicine.”

And there’s more.  Drago also claims Porter verbally and violently abused her before eventually firing her last year.

As for why she was fired … Drago says the marijuana smell was choking and she dared to complain she couldn’t take it.

The case — filed by Patrick Reider — seeks unspecified damages.

No wonder those twins always look neglected and unhappy. When I say neglected I mean, you can tell she doesn’t take an interest in those girls. Those twins always look like she’s not into them.


Singer & Crowd Shaker, Fantasia Barrino Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Fantasia Barrino gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last night. The baby’s father is ex-T-Mobile manager Antwuan Cook and he was said to be at her side during the delivery.

Fantasia was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday afternoon after she went into labor. The baby was actually due on December 29 but her delivery came earlier than expected.

Cook who is still married to his estranged wife Paula, began his extra marital affair with Fantasia while (according to his wife), they were trying to patch up their marriage. Fantasia even testified during a separation hearing between Antwaun and his wife Paula last November, that she had previously been pregnant by Antwaun but had an abortion. Guess the baby came back 10 months later.


“Fantasia Barrino Confirms What We Already Knew”

Singer Fantasia Barrino revealed during a concert Sunday what has been rumored for months, that she is indeed pregnant.

“God has given me this child and I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all,” Barrino told fans at the outdoor show in Jacksonville, Florida.

Although the R&B singer has not revealed who the father is, the blogs are already guessing that she’s pregnant by Antwaun Cook, the man who left his family for her over a year ago.

Cook, who has two adorable boys with Paula, plans to marry Fantasia in a future episode of Fantasia’s reality show on VH1. This whole story is very tragic. We hope it ends well for all parties involved., ok so I’m being sarcastic, I highly doubt this will end well.


“Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Baby Mama Named”

Schwarzenegger, who last week announced his separation from Maria Shriver after 25 years of marriage had a love child with his housekeeper, 50-year-old Mildred Patricia Baene. Online sources say that Schwarzenegger’s child with this woman is a son.

When Schwarzenegger announced that he had fathered a child with a household staff member, his bombshell news prompted a media frenzy to track this whore, I mean woman down.

The ultimate betrayal is that, Baene and Schwarzenegger conceived this illegitimate love child more than a decade ago and right under his wife (Maria Shriver’s) nose. Online sources also revealed that the boy bares an unnerving resemblance of Schwarzenegger.

Both Shriver and the maid, were reportedly pregnant around the same time with their sons. Shriver was led to believe that Baena’s son was the spawn of her then-husband, who later filed for divorce from Baena.

Online sources revealed, in the late 90’s Patty (her nickname) began to “pursue Arnold.” She told friends they would have unprotected sex during the day at the house. Patty never slept overnight at the house and no one ever caught them in the act.

Schwarzenegger didn’t learn he was the daddy until the boy was a toddler. Baena who made $1,200 a week, was treated well by Arnold once he found out the child was his, sources say Arnold was always “generous.”

Patty who has recently retired, now lives in a 4 bedroom house with a pool, several hours outside of L.A. with the boy and her 3 other kids.


“This Woman’s Behavior Sounds Like”

Something straight out of a fatal attraction movie.

Keisha Jones (pictured above), was seven months pregnant when she tried having her husband’s mistress take an abortion pill, because the two women were pregnant by him (her husband); at the same time.

The crazed Brooklyn mom tried to trick Monique Hunter, 26, into taking an abortion-inducing medication in October 2009; all because Hunter taunted (Jones) about her three-year affair with her husband.

Jones admitted that, she forged a prescription and phone number-disguising software, when she called Hunter and influenced her to take cytotec, which caused her (Hunter); to go into an early labor.

Jones was also accused of then trying to kill (Hunter’s) premature newborn in the maternity ward and later impersonating herself as a hospital executive, to try to get the baby off a ventilator – but those attempted murder charges were dropped.

Jones pleaded guilty Wednesday, to a lesser charge of second-degree assault, she had no criminal history and a life-long record of helping disabled kids.

She will be sentenced on February 10 but with time served and credit for good behavior, she could be out of jail in a year to eight months.