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Kim Porter named in lawsuit by former Nanny

Kim Porter

Kim Porter, the second baby mama of rap mogul Sean Combs A.K.A. Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever, was named in a lawsuit filed by her former Nanny. According to the gossip website TMZ, Kim’s Nanny Dawn Drago who worked for Porter, from 2011 to 2012, claims in a lawsuit that, Kim chain-smoked pot in the house and had access to Porter’s cocaine while Diddy’s young daughters were at home:

Drago claims the kids had gotten into “a bag containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.”

Drago says she confronted Porter, who said the bag contained “medicine.”

And there’s more.  Drago also claims Porter verbally and violently abused her before eventually firing her last year.

As for why she was fired … Drago says the marijuana smell was choking and she dared to complain she couldn’t take it.

The case — filed by Patrick Reider — seeks unspecified damages.

No wonder those twins always look neglected and unhappy. When I say neglected I mean, you can tell she doesn’t take an interest in those girls. Those twins always look like she’s not into them.

51 thoughts on “Kim Porter named in lawsuit by former Nanny”

  1. You can look at her and tell she’s weak with a low self-esteem. Men are attracted to you when you about something. She ain’t doing shit so Diddy don’t want her. She’s proving to him that all she’s good for is popping out his babies.


  2. Dont know too much about this girl and frankly never wanted to but i did read that puffy beats the dog shit outta her.


    1. Dont know too much about this girl and frankly never wanted to but i did read that puffy beats the dog shit outta her.
      Yeah Diddy broke her nose on that yacht. She did not trip and fall like he claimed.


  3. Well this would explain A LOT.

    As in how she puts up with Diddy never marrying her even after 3 kids by him.

    How she tolerated all his cheating and flaunting of other women.

    How she accepted the physical and mental abuse.

    Why even after she fled to Cali to start a new life after he knocked up Sarah just to still not be able to have that life free of Diddy.

    She has to be coping some kind of way cuz at this point she’s washed up, used up and Diddy won’t allow any other man to be with her.


  4. Well, If you find yourself Caught Up in drugs, alcohol, or any (Unhealthy Addiction), know that these (Temporary fixes are nothing but Temporary fixes). THEY WILL WILL NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS! When you wake up or get sober, your problems will be right there. You are not a (victim of life), but you may be a (victim) of your Own Choices. Turn to Jesus! Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder. God Bless!




  6. That’s how she dealt with Diddy’s ass by getting and staying high. It’s time for Kim to wake up and move on. Life is passing you by waiting for Diddy’s lying cheating ass.


  7. Wait. So yall believe evertything you hear? That maid could be lying and looking for a come up. Its a recession and people are getting more and more desperate. AND IF SHE SAID THE KIDS GOT INTO COCAINE, WHY NOT GO TO THE POLICE?? IF SHE FELT THE KIDS WERE IN DANGER OR BEING NEGLECTED. WHY SUE FOR SOME MONEY??????


  8. BullShit!
    If this was actually happening then she should have called the police and protective services, not file a lawsuit for a job that endangered her health and the kids health. Ho Sit down!!!


  9. Sounds like somebody being paid to lie. So Kims can look like a parent who is a danger to her children.

    I wonder who would benefit the most this situation?


  10. The first thing anyone who is associated with fame should do when hiring help is to demand that they sign a “confidentiality clause.” If she had made the maid do that she would not only “not” be getting sued, the maid couldn’t speak on anything that happened in that house without possibly getting sued herself.


  11. Whenever you allow strangers into your private space and you haven’t protected yourself legally then it’s to be expected that they will try to profit from whatever information they are privy to. Hopefully if she is using drugs, it isn’t in front of her children. If she is, Diddy should put her in rehab for his children’s sake and her own sake. We all know he’s never gonna change, his ego is way to out of control for that.


  12. You’d think by now this heffa woulda known to gag the help before paying them. Wasn’t she the one who bragged the most about getting the most? Oh well,wash off the white stuff and keep it moving


  13. I don’t believe the nanny story. If any of that was remotely true, you call the cops or CPS, you don’t file a civil lawsuit after you’ve been fired. I also don’t understand why Kim has a nanny. It’s not like she’s working or anything so unless the nanny is there so she can do drugs all day, I don’t see the purpose.


  14. As far as Kim goes…I think she is bitter. Despite all the child support and money she gets from Puff, I think she really is bitter about the way her life has turned out. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hates Cassie because she sees what she once was.


  15. poor baby. in order to keep her lavish lifestyle, she MUST REMAIN ALONE, WHILE DIDDY FUCK MEN & WOMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD.


    1. poor baby. in order to keep her lavish lifestyle, she MUST REMAIN ALONE, WHILE DIDDY FUCK MEN & WOMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD.
      I don’t think any of his baby mama’s can be in relationships with other men. think about it, if they are the man can never meet with puffy’s status. what dude would wanna compete with that?


  16. Whaever. Kim looks good and nannys need to stay in their lane. Clearly this nanny was trying to tell Kim how to run her household instead of staying in hired help lane. Highly doubt she’ll get much especially since she’s already started slandering Kim before the case has even begun. She should’ve just calmly handed in her resignation if it bothered her that much – how are you gonna tell someone who you’ve only known less than a year how to run their own house??? Reeks of someone making a mountain out of a molehill in order to take advantage of Kim’s celebrity and her children’s father’s deep pockets.


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