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Why Women should NEVER give a Man money?

It’s never a good practice and a bad habit to start. The transfer of money in relationships often complicate things, especially when the intent women have for the men they love often backfire. Some women will sacrifice their financial security by trying to buy a man’s love. That never work because men are socialized to provide and protect. But if a woman is treating him like a child then he will not gain financial responsibility to empower himself. Men who may accept money from women secretly resent or disrespects the woman that can give him money. This type of man will prefer to spend his life with a woman who made him believe he can overcome his financial obstacles, no matter how long it takes. Provided she’s willing to wait.

So what’s the difference between giving your husband money vs. a boyfriend? one of my readers asks. There’s a major difference, couples who are not married should not co-mingle their finances without the benefits of a contract. Whereas a married couple is building a financial foundation together: for better or worse. When dating, give that man emotional support; which can be far more valued than that of a dollar. Amen!! Amen!!!

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“When a Man Loves a Woman” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Man_woman_on fire

And no I’m not talking about the song which was originally recorded by Percy Sledge in 1966, or the 1994 movie that chronicles one woman’s (Meg Ryan) alcoholism and her husband’s (Andy Garcia) efforts to help her.

What I’m actually talking about is, knowing when someone is so in-sync with you, your hearts will surely beat as one. And although every individual may have their own definition of love, how a man loves a woman can be an experience of our own realities.

When he looks for opportunities to make you happy, which goes far beyond romance. It’s the type of love that grows deeper because of knowing each other on an intimate level. For me, it means that he is tuned in enough to step up and support me when I need it, often without me having to ask. He just knows who he needs to be for me in order for me to be happy. A real man’s love is just like that for the woman in his life. The woman who makes him happy therefore he goes above & beyond his call of duty to always put her first.

Can you tell when a man loves his woman?

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