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“For Some, Bleaching Is The New Beautiful” on ‘Conversations Of A Sistah”

In many different cultures and countries around the world, skin color plays a huge role in the concept of beauty. Lighter skin is often preferable to darker skin. The effects of the African American self-hate toward each other because of ones skin color is rather eye opening and sad, to say the least. This is a very hot and taboo topic among the African American community.

As a culture that came from years of oppression and hatred inflicted by slave owners, forced to think that because of their color, they were inferior, blacks have somehow reverted back to having this sort of mindset which is, in fact, hurting them as a whole. With no thanks to the media and its influence on what is seen as beautiful, Black America is tearing itself apart when it focuses on such a shallow aspect of a person that they cant control.

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Is there “Light skin vs. dark Skin” privilege in Society? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Light_Skin_PriviledgeHard to believe we did a show just four (4) years ago, in 2012 regardingLight Skin vs. Dark Skinand this very topic is still alive and very well today.

Since Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams spoke out of turn (for some), at the BET Awards last month, social media and online blogs felt he wasn’t black enough to do so.

Williams, who is half white, called out white people for appropriating black music for fame and profit.

He also showed support for social media militants, Black Lives Matter, saying, “We know that police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people every day.”

Williams, whose mother is white and father black, let the world know just how comfortable he is NOT with his fame, in today’s hateful society of injustice and inequality.

Williams’ speech set-off such a firestorm online and in the media, that a petition was circulated calling the series creator Shonda Rhimes to fire Williams from ‘Anatomy’.

Many saying if Isaiah Washington was fired for being outspoken Williams should be fired just as well. Setting off the theory that “light skinned” blacks receive preferential treatment over “dark skinned blacks”.

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She committed suicide because of her skin color!


She was the founder of “For Brown Girls” an initiative to encourage dark skinned women to celebrate their beauty. At just 22 years old, she committed suicide in what many believe was due to her low self-esteem issues.

Karyn Washington launched her #DarkSkinRedLip initiative after rapper A$ap Rocky cautioned dark skinned girls against wearing red lipstick.  The mission of both of her endeavors was to encourage darker skinned women to celebrate their beauty.

The story has gotten the attention of those who feel that the African American community can often become fixated on skin color as a way of measuring a woman’s beauty.  

Although no one knows if these self-esteem issues directly contributed to Washington’s passing, it is clear that they didn’t make her life better. Not in her mind anyway, which is why I did the show in October 2012 on light skin vs. dark skin because it is a sad state and mentality that some women of color suffer and believe.