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Remembering Chris Kelly, 1979-2013


Mourners reach out to touch the coffin of James Christopher Kelly as it is wheeled out of the Jackson Memorial Baptist Church in a recessional at the end of his funeral service on Thursday May 9, 2013, in Atlanta.

Kelly died on May 1st at a hospital after collapsing in his home from a cocaine and heroine binge the night before. A toxicology report concluding the rappers cause of death is pending. 


Former Kris Kross member Chris Smith and his sister Jennifer Smith (pictured above), begin to weep while speaking at the funeral of Chris Kelly. Smith and Kelly rose to fame after being discovered by Jermaine Dupri at a mall in Atlanta. The group was famous for their signature clothes being worn backwards style and their biggest hit “Jump-Jump”.

Another artist on Durpi’s record label attended the services, rapper Da Brat, pictured here, with her pants worn backwards in honor of Kelly. Chris and Da Brat performed in February marking Jermaine Dupri’s record label’s twentieth anniversary celebration. Does Da Brat look like she’s going to a cook-out or is it just me?


Jermaine Dupri (pictured below) who was of course also in attendance and wearing his jeans backwards in honor of Kelly said “Chris Kelly was like the son he never had“. Dupri was just as shocked to hear of Kelly’s death. Guess he had no clue of what his artist son was into.


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Report: Chris Kelly Used Cocaine, Heroine Combination


A copy of a police report obtained by gossip website TMZ.com reveals former Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly may have overdosed on a combination of cocaine and heroine.

The police report states that Kelly, 34, may have ingested a cocaine and heroine substance known as a “speedball,” the night before he died.

From US Weekly.com:

According to the report, Kelly’s mother, Donna Kelly Pratt, was the one who called 911 and told police about her son’s drug use. She allegedly told investigators that Kelly had an “extensive history of drug use,” and she had taken him home to recover before he passed out.

Kelly’s mother said in a statement:

“It is with deep sadness that we announce that our beloved Chris Kelly has passed away on May 1. To millions of fans worldwide, he was the trendsetting, backwards pants-wearing one-half of Kris Kross who loved making music. But to us, he was just Chris — the kind, generous and fun-loving life of the party. Though he was only with us a short time, we feel blessed to have been able to share some incredible moments with him. His legacy will live on through his music, and we will forever love him.”

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office conducted an autopsy on Kelly today to determine the exact cause of death.

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Chris Kelly of 90’s Rap Duo Found Dead!

On Wednesday evening, Chris Kelly, the rapper who won international fame as one half of the young rap duo Kris Kross, was found unresponsive by his family in his Atlanta home and later pronounced dead. Kelly was 34.


The news spread quickly throughout Twitter with everyone from big-name rappers to longtime fans began tweeting. Chris Kelly became a trending topic within an hour of the news breaking.