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“Murder, Protest, Murder, then Repeat” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Before the death of George Floyd, America had perfected the art of demonizing and justifying the killing of black men. It’s the color of the skin and the place where they reserve the right to police you and your presence.

Ahmad Arbury was jogging while black when he was murdered by two self-proclaimed racist supposedly making a citizen’s arrest. They claimed he was trespassing and looked like a burglar seen in the neighborhood recently.

Black men are viewed as angry, aggressive, violent and dangerous, they are seen as a threat to society here in AmeriaKKa in more ways than one. The black man is haunted and killed with no reasonable resolve except murder.

It’s systematic racism, the stories are all the same, hyped up to demonize the black man, to justify his killing.

So just like the sixties, we now protest and March, while they murder and we repeat….As another black man, Rayshard Brooks was killed by a cop in Atlanta last weekend.

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14 thoughts on ““Murder, Protest, Murder, then Repeat” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

    1. I know you’re entitled to your opinion but please STFU!! Change can only come some real changes in these police departments. racist motherfuckers!!


      1. For some reason I think the caller is a white boy!! he was too adamant about defending the officers. don’t get me wrong Rayshads actions got him killed in the end. but deadly force should be the last resort.


      2. To Tracy’s point, excessive force should’ve been the last thing. they could’ve shot him in his knee cap or ankle. I agree with Tra but always deadly force toward the black man? C’mon

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  1. Dirty ass cop kicked the guy while he was dying and I think stepped on his shoulder Tracy said. So for allllllll the MF’ers who said what the cop did was justified please STFU and that goes for the caller too!

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  2. Many people are saying why didnt the cops just let him walk home? Trace said the same thing on her show. It’s because of MADD and other organizations have made drunk driving an immediate arrest. They couldnt let him just go home.

    This is where changes need to occur, how do we get organizations that have pushed for harsher crimes to relax and change state laws so these things dont happen? So many things happened that shouldn’t of. It’s just a sad state of events.


  3. After a campaign trail for the firing of Colin Kaepernick, now Trump says he deserves a second chance in the NFL?? This man is a hypocrite! You set to ruin his life last election and now you need black votes you wanna play supportive? Smh and why is Trump trying to suppress his former national secretary advisor new book? Because he’s spilling the dirt and lies that Trump told before and after the impeachment hearings. Almost all of his dismissed administration are speaking out against him and his lies!


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