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Kevin Hart Ties the knot this past weekend….Do U care?

Kevin_Hart MarriedComedian Kevin Hart finally married his longtime girlfriend Eniko Parrish. The couple tied the knot at Oprah‘s estate this weekend after a 3-year engagement. Really, it took him three (3) years to know if she was really the one?

Hart posted a wedding photo on Instagram.com of himself with his new bride and his 2 children, Hendrix and Heaven Hart, from a previous marriage.

He captioned the image “#Harts What’s understood doesn’t need to be said!!!! LiveLoveLove

What needs to be said is Kevin Hart thinks he traded up from his first wife especially since his fiancée’s body language over the years, speaks to the fact that, she think she’s more important than Kevin. Apparently he didn’t get the memo but he will, let’s just wait on time.


Hart’s new wife seems to have a narcissistic attitude that’s troubling. I’ve never seen a bride pose for a wedding photo like she’s on a Broadway stage, then changed into another gown at their reception.

Anyway, do you see any similarities between his former wife and new wife?

24 thoughts on “Kevin Hart Ties the knot this past weekend….Do U care?”

  1. do you see any similarities between his former wife and new wife?
    Old wife dark, new wife light bright.


    1. Yes, black Jamaican……She’s coolie Jamaican and they are colorist with superiority attitudes. She would not have married him if he were not Kevin Hart

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  2. His poor daughter is going to have such self hate issues. The way he praises white/light bright women when his own kid is as dark as he is. Self hating ass coon. He’s going to get what’s coming to him like so many others O_o


  3. Congrats.

    NO to the dress 😡

    His daughter and son look adorable!😍😍

    And that former wife, new wife pic is priceless LOL


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