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The Conversations are back!!

Hey Blog Talk Fam,

I’m back on the air LIVE on our YouTube channel this Wednesday/ September 28, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. EST. with so much happening in the news, the death of Queen Elizabeth aka a colonizer, and countries asking for their stolen jewels to be returned, the suspension of the Celtics Coach, Ime Udoka, behind his affair with a member of his staff, the war in Ukraine and the Brett Favre scandal. There is much to talk to talk about.

Hope you’ll join me and “LIVE” chat with me on the air. In the meantime sound off here!

68 thoughts on “The Conversations are back!!”

    1. Hey Fam.
      It’s been a minute 🙂
      did y’all check out her video up top? she looks good.
      she’s right, there is soo much happening in the news.


    2. I thought I was seeing things when I got this notification. I was like WTF??? LOL!!!
      What is good people??!!!
      I guess Ms. Tra Tra got a lot to say.


    1. It’s no secret anymore who she is, the blogs are gunning for this Becky. I believe her name is Nicky or Nicole. If you google search him she’ll come up.


    2. The latest speculation I heard was that Udoka and the woman were found out by the organization and both were told to discontinue the relationship/affair. Allegedly, the woman did what was asked. However, Udoka did not do the same. He continued messaging the woman encouraging her to continue the affair. If this is true, this is the reason her name is not being disclosed. If true, this could also be construed as harassment. Regardless, Udoka messed up in this situation.


  1. Everybody tripping off of the fact that he cheated on Nia, who cares. I am like, dude you were head Coach and ruined it over some tail. Definitely the Donkey of the Day. Nia will be fine, she ain’t going nowhere.

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    1. Hey ladies.
      who cares. meanwhile, Brett Farr stole MILLIONS of fed funds from the poor citizens of Mississippi. yet he earned over 140M during his time in the NFL. let’s talk about it Tra


      1. They will lick a dogs butt and do whatever it takes. If it was that good he would’ve left Nia . What kind of devil books trips and helps wife move there knowing she’s screwing her fiancée and she turned against him and helped him lose his job. Savage biatch!!


      1. he was the guy who got her started. i remember when she took a poll. and we all voted. Damn that’s 10 years already.


  2. Great commentary Tra aka Blog Queen but is it Brett Farr or Bill? Don’t get me wrong I knew who you meant, but what’s the crooks real name?


    1. Brett, Bill, he is a multimillionaire hall of famer white man. He’s rich and privileged as fuck. He’s been stealing for years with the help of the government. Damn shame.


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