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Best Selling Author Michelynn Moss on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Best Selling Author – Michelynn Moss

Michelynn Moss is Bestselling Author, Marriage Officiant, wife, mother and grandmother. She has penned seven book Collaborations and Anthologies and they include, “Wake Up Girlfriends”, “Joy in the Journey”, “Confinement Chronicles”, “HEALING the City In HEELS” “Stomping Out Domestic Violence”, “I-Testify”, “Soul-Metamorphosis” and “Broken To Be Molden and Mended”.

In addition, Michelynn loves family time, cooking, dancing, traveling but most importantly praising the Lord.

This interview was pre-recorded and did not air LIVE.

A Conversation with Author Michelynn Moss

13 thoughts on “Best Selling Author Michelynn Moss on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

    1. It’s possible that Tra only wanted to have one camera at a time. Not giving her the option to go LIVE


    2. @arice,
      You can only go LIVE with one camera at a time. this may very well be the case for COS


  1. Great show. Michelynn has collaborated on some books. Can’t wait to see if she’ll actually go it alone in the future.


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