Conversations Of A Sistah

We’re on a Summer Hiatus!!

But I think she’ll still blog and send you the latest stories she’s hyped about.

Hey Conversations Of A Sistah family, my name is Raven the intern administrator for Tracy’s business and online blog talk radio show, “Conversations Of A Sistah”. It’s officially summer because we say its so and to commemorate the season, we’re on a 2 and a half month hiatus to relax, recharge and regroup for the fall.

I’m super excited as we take it down to gear it all back up again.

In the meantime, we’re always here. You can catch any of our shows rewinds at

Here’s to wishing you a safe 2018 summer season.

30 thoughts on “We’re on a Summer Hiatus!!”

    1. This is true. It would be something if her man took her there to pop the question🤔

      And who is Raven? What happened to Carol?


      1. And who is Raven? What happened to Carol?
        Yea what happened to Carol? Unless because Raven is an intern she’s training her?


  1. what a breath taking, romantic and relaxing view. Who are those people in the pool?? 😆 and I’m sure we really don’t care.


    1. well everyone deserves a break.
      And I think she’s going to do this every year going forward. Take off from the 4th on into September.


      1. well that depends on whether or not she’ll blog any stories. cause the comment section shuts down in here after 4 or 5 days ya know?


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