Power Fans y’all Ready? Cause last night’s Season Premier was off the hook!!!

The nail biting drama Power return to Starz this weekend and the show premiered last night at Radio City Music Hall and the cast was out in full swing. The place was packed with Power fans who were in line as early as 12:00 noon yesterday.

And for those of you who don’t know, Power is cable television drama about a NYC nightclub boss failing to escape his past in drug dealing and the season premier was last night at Radio City Music Hall and the cast pulled out all the stops.

World Premiere of Season Five of Power, at Radio City Music Hall

The charismatic star Omari Hardwick (pictured here with his wife), plays this troubled nightclub boss, nicknamed Ghost. And like most modern shows there’s also a massive recurring cast, making the story pretty damn rich, exciting and satisfying.

The series follows James St. Patrick (Hardwick), nicknamed “Ghost”, owner of “Truth”, a popular New York City nightclub.

In addition, he is a major player in one of the city’s biggest illegal drug networks. He struggles to balance these two lives, and the balance topples when he realizes he wants to leave the drug ring in order to support his legitimate business. He also has to keep his marriage with Tasha, while pursuing his relationship with Angela. There takin to the war with Ghost, Tariq, Tommy and Kanan. Her family sticks together.

Season 5 of Power begins in the States Sunday 1 July, 2018. The final episode of the series is due to air on Sunday 2 September.





20 thoughts on “Power Fans y’all Ready? Cause last night’s Season Premier was off the hook!!!”

  1. I can’t believe that’s Omari’s wife. O_o wow he can do so much better. Look at her. she changed her features drastically which tell me that heffa insecure


    1. He can do better but I guess he love her? *shrugs* go figure and yes at one time her features were skrong. 😆 LOL she def had work done.


    2. I remember him getting angry when his twitter feed filled up with hateful comments about his wife and how she looked like man. I see she feminized her appearance. 😛


    3. I am sick of people who CHOOSE celebrity lifestyles then get mad at the chit that comes with it – if you don’t want your family ridiculed don’t post them up at public venues.


    4. But….she IS ugly tho :shrugs: But he married her, all that matters is what he thinks of her. Wit his fine azz. The REAL tragedy is the fact that he isn’t with a woman that shares his melanin skin. But THAT’s neither here nor there. :tea:


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