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Celebrity Kids: Charlize Theron and son Jackson

Actress Charlize Theron is seen visiting the Federal Building in Los Angeles with her adopted son Jackson Theron in tow. The 6-year-old boy wore a cute onesie and his hair in braids with colorful beads. Charlize love to dote this little boy dressed like a girl for the camera.

I wonder if young Jackson knows that he is a boy, as he often looks confused since he may prefers stereotypical feminine attire. Charlize also has an adopted daughter, August.


29 thoughts on “Celebrity Kids: Charlize Theron and son Jackson”

  1. She is a racist bitch from South Africa. This is her way of enslaving black men. You know I tried not to say this but she done made me angry. Her mother killed her father…apparently he beat her. Charlize secretly hates men and this is her way of getting back! That child is being mentally and emotional abused. She’s just like that lesbian couple that murdered their six adopted black children!


    1. she’s emasculating him. i believe she hates the kid because he’s black. God only knows what she’s doing to him behind closed doors.


      1. Everything the child is wearing is clearly designed for girls. She has been doing this long before the child had a sound opinion on self-image. Pretty sure her intent was to emasculate this young Black male, to further her White elitist agenda…which is sick as fuck if you ask me.


    1. Damn!!!! I never saw this. What is up with that? Thanks a lot cause I just knew that HAD to be the daughter. Jesus, my bad.


    2. He looks like a little man dressed like a little girl. With his broad boy shoulders and square boy build. Charlize Theron is out of her exploitative and emasculating mind.


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