If Former President Barack Obama Had A “Stormy Daniels”


March 29, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

All hell would have broken loose!!!

The hypocrisy of the republicans is unbelievable, when there is so much scandal and unethical tactics surrounding their representation in the white house.

If there has been one single, unbroken theme spanning President Donald Trump’s 14 months in office, it’s been his inability to stay quiet, even when silence would seem to serve him best. And on the “Stormy Daniels” interview currently flooding media headlines, the president ain’t saying a word.

Unlike Melania, Michelle Obama would never have another woman in the headlines for having spanked her husband a.k.a. the father of her children in a sordid affair and lived to tell it. The fact of the matter is, as far as Trump’s behavior goes, he’s a hot orange mess! The drama surrounding his presidency speaks volumes about his behavior, mentality and inability to lead a country.


83 thoughts on “If Former President Barack Obama Had A “Stormy Daniels”

  1. henriettagreen38 says:

    Tell it Tra 🙌

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  2. adrianepage says:

    Yes Tracy yes. Them dirty ass racist repubs would had Obama by the balls. In fact they would’ve been wearing his balls as earrings. Racist motherfuckers.

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  3. adrianepage says:

    Good morning


  4. bird2009 says:

    Yes they are hypocrites and yes they are protecting Trump

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  5. browngirl2010 says:

    Unlike Melania, Michelle Obama would never have another woman in the headlines for having spanked her husband a.k.a. the father of her children in a sordid affair and lived to tell it. The fact of the matter is, as far as Trump’s behavior goes, he’s a hot orange mess! The drama surrounding his presidency speaks volumes about his behavior, mentality and inability to lead a country.
    Preach Damnit Tra PREACH!! 🙌🔥

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    • charmin2010 says:

      No Michelle is no Melania just like she’s no Hilary either. Our black men are not loose, racy and disrespectful to their wives like Trump is. Smh😐


  6. alscream says:

    The headline alone says it all.
    Go Trace.


  7. mittseybean says:

    Michelle would’ve kicked Obama’s ass
    The white house would’ve turned black😀🤣🤣

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  8. coco2011 says:

    He called Rosanne to congratulate her on her ratings😳😏word on the street is. She’s racist too.


  9. daisydukes2010 says:

    Yeah the Republicans are protecting the orange man 😳 he treats his wife like shit I can bet. She has the demeanor of a woman abused.

    Tracy you hit this dead on✊🤙🙌


  10. arice95 says:

    Oh he only called her because she hinted on her opener how she voted for him. Yeah that tells me alot about her.


  11. omarnance2010 says:

    Yeah they’re protecting that orange racist motherfucker😐

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  12. bballen says:

    Barack wouldn’t of had a Stormy Daniel’s maybe Shaniqua😂😂😂😂


  13. bballen says:

    Tracy Melania is “a kept woman” she has no say over what Trump does. I’m sure she don’t GAF. They probably stop fucking long time ago.

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  14. acquittap says:

    Nothing attractive about him, lawd……

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  15. yvonne2010 says:

    Chile…Tracy his approval ratings spiked after this interview 😳


  16. nicolenavy says:

    Trump is nasty and Stormy is even nastier having looked at him and could still ride it😏 then onto of that she said she spanked him😔😨🤯🤮 WTF? And had no shame telling it in a 1on1 interview. I wonder how Trumps wife feel? I would feel like a fucking fool knowing another bitch talking WTF ya’ll did in the bedroom? Aw hell NO!!!!!!!!!!

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    • ashanti2012 says:

      Would this behavior make him a masochist?

      A powerful man being spanked by a frail woman is a sexual turn on for this freak. So I guess the peeing rumor isn’t too farfetched either😐😏


  17. sane2011 says:

    Stormy proud she fucked Trump. She wearing it like a badge of honor

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  18. cameo1 says:

    I wish they both go away, Stormy is no better than the average prostitute on the corner! In other words she’s a WHORE! Go back to the trailerpark!

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  19. wandab16 says:

    Trump is ignorant but racist people are. So they’d rather have ignorance over the black man

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  20. queenc2010 says:

    Im sick of hearing about Trump and his hoes 😩.


  21. neesy20110 says:

    I hate when people say “If it was Obama” But this time there is noooo doubt this is a legit and certified “If this was Obama”

    Is this what they meant by Make America Great Again”
    He is abusing his position and using the power to conduct “business” This man has made this country a joke and what little respect we may have had is gone. He has no concept of helping anyone. He has no clue what life is like for the average American. Not just him but both sides are well off. They go home every night to a nice house, food on the table, and don’t have to worry about healthcare. Trust me all of them end up playing golf, or poker. Then go back to fighting for their party. This is just a disgrace

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  22. adambantre says:

    Just like Stormy wasn’t grossed out by fucking Trump tells me she would fuck a goat if desperate. She ain’t no prize either.

    And Obama as much as I didn’t care for him. Was/is a far more decent man than what’s in the white house now

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  23. abelford2010 says:

    The black woman is the real queen but why he would cheat on Melania puzzles me. He don’t respect her obviously

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  24. kaylabrown2010 says:

    Exactly. If Barack had a stank ass Stormy Daniels.
    The repubs wouldn’t have to anialate Obama because Michelle would kill him. But there is no comparison here. Obama had morals and was decent. This fool here is a pig. Tried and true.

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  25. lexyjay2010 says:

    All dawgs will have their day. He nasty

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  26. Bobby says:



  27. tamala2010 says:

    all of the other crazy shit going on in the world today and folks want to harp on the fact that Dump likes to be spanked??? SOOO FUCKING WHAT!!! He probably likes other things poked up there too….but again…SOOO FUCKING WHAT….he is trash and will always be trash…moving on—>

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  28. angelhair2011 says:

    Trump didn’t touch dat trick. She prolly gave him head with a condom. She a walking nasty cum stick. I believe nothing she said. A porn queen that will and has done any and everything to both male and female. The liberal media got a L with this one. She prolly did everybody on the Hill 😂


  29. sane2011 says:

    LOL….that Cheetoo,dusty MF will smash ANYTHING he can pay. The only reason these women INCLUDING his wife (that sleeps in a SEPARATE bedroom) will let him smell they puss is because he has money and he knows that. If he didn’t have money he would be fuucking blow-up dolls.

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  30. lillyposner says:

    So we suppose to believe A BILLIONAIRE that OWNS HOTELS all over the WORLD smashed a walking disease stretched to the max? What pleasure is in that? If it happened she gave 45 a Monica Lewenski head with a condom. No stain on her dress.

    Her story lacks intimate details. Was he wearing his wedding ring, watch, Armani suit? Is HIS HAIR REAL DID HE TAKE IT OFF DID SHE RUB HER HANDS THROUGH HIS HAIR. LOL Satin or cotton sheets. Hell what did Trump tower give her as a parting gift?

    Did they Dine on Frog legs and soup? One session with Trump she should have been set for life or a seaon pass to Trump Tower. Some people believe anything?


    • lexyjay2010 says:

      Really? In case you haven’t noticed Trump is white trash.
      He puts ketcup on his steaks and he loves fast foods so Trump doesn’t have refined tastes.
      Money doesn’t equal class.
      But carry on.

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    • billyboy695 says:

      Yup. And Trump’s really nice lawyer just decided to take out a $130,000 home equity loan on his house to pay her off to keep quiet…and he didnt do it expecting to get reimbursed by Trump or anything. He just did it out of the goodness of his heart. FOHWTBS

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  31. queenc2010 says:

    Apparently the president’s Twitter finger is shaking since we haven’t seen a comment from him on this subject. I wonder why he’s silent about this 🐈 grab?

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  32. mahogany2010 says:

    What a fuk’d up First Family. Father & son running around screwing any and everything with a pulse and a porn pic posing First “Lady.” 😭😱😵😡

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  33. coco2011 says:



  34. civil2010 says:


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  35. civil2010 says:

    Trump like hookers that’s for damn sure. Look at his wife. She went from a brothel to the white house

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  36. Starr says:

    Palease Michelle would’ve fucked Barack up.


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