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If Former President Barack Obama Had A “Stormy Daniels”

All hell would have broken loose!!!

The hypocrisy of the republicans is unbelievable, when there is so much scandal and unethical tactics surrounding their representation in the white house.

If there has been one single, unbroken theme spanning President Donald Trump’s 14 months in office, it’s been his inability to stay quiet, even when silence would seem to serve him best. And on the “Stormy Daniels” interview currently flooding media headlines, the president ain’t saying a word.

Unlike Melania, Michelle Obama would never have another woman in the headlines for having spanked her husband a.k.a. the father of her children in a sordid affair and lived to tell it. The fact of the matter is, as far as Trump’s behavior goes, he’s a hot orange mess! The drama surrounding his presidency speaks volumes about his behavior, mentality and inability to lead a country.