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  1. Celebrities & The Public Raise $106K for James Shaw; Call Out Trump for Ignoring His Heroism


    April 24, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

    Snoop Dogg and other celebrities are calling out President Donald Trump for ignoring Waffle House hero James Shaw, Jr. who …
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  2. FBI Raid On Trumps lawyer Signals Dark Times Ahead For President Trump


    April 10, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

    Oh I sense some dark days ahead for President Trump. The FBI raid against Michael Cohen spiked President Donald Trump’s rampant …
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  3. If Former President Barack Obama Had A “Stormy Daniels”


    March 29, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

    All hell would have broken loose!!! The hypocrisy of the republicans is unbelievable, when there is so much scandal and …
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  4. Will you boycott tonight’s State of the Union address? That’s Tomorrow’s Conversation….


    January 30, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

    On “Conversation Of A Sistah! Many are outraged over President Trumps comments regarding immigration and his recent remarks about Haiti …
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  5. Trump Tells NFL Owners to FIRE Protesting Players: “Get That Son of a Bitch Off the Field!”


    September 24, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

    NFL players reacted with rage on Friday after President Trump told NFL bosses to fire players who protest and disrespect the American …
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