Republicans Gain Full Control Of The House And Senate For First Time In 8 Years


November 5, 2014 by The ReadyWriter


The GOP has officially gained control of both the House and the Senate following the results of Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

A Republican tide ripped the Senate away from Democrats Tuesday, giving the GOP full control of Congress and the power to pin down President Barack Obama during his last two years in office.

The thumping win upends the balance of power between the White House and Capitol Hill only six years after Obama’s Democrats swept to power and marginalized Republicans in a rush to reform health care, Wall Street and pass a huge stimulus package.

Now, it’s Democrats who will take the back seat on Capitol Hill, relying mostly on the power of the filibuster to stymie Republicans and keep Obama’s legacy intact.

House Speaker John Boehner, celebrating a widened majority, said this:

“I am humbled by the responsibility the American people have placed with us.”

“But this is not a time for celebration,” he said. “It’s time for government to start getting results and implementing solutions to the challenges facing our country, starting with our still-struggling economy.”

Sounds like this is going to be an interesting and long two years.



70 thoughts on “Republicans Gain Full Control Of The House And Senate For First Time In 8 Years

  1. DHood says:

    Them Repubs are the KKK


  2. Angelhair says:

    WTF? This pic is so whacked O_o


  3. HarlemGirl says:

    Does anybody but me remember what life was like the last time Republicans were majority house? 😦


  4. Princess says:

    Morning ~ Obama is damned if do and damned if he don’t!!! That pic is so disrespectful 😡


  5. 2thick4you says:

    It doesn’t matter who is in office. The core issues of Black America remained the same, and still remains the same.


  6. Adriane says:

    the black community is suffering because of its allegiance to the Democratic Party and they are nothing but a bunch of enablers.


  7. Angelhair says:

    LETS BE HONEST…OBAMMY was not getting it DONE…

    Black folks are hurting BAD…


    He Supported EVERYONE ELSE except his own BLACK PEOPLE…


  8. bballen says:

    There ain’t enuff Watermelon and hotsauce in the world that would make me vote republican.


  9. Nicole says:

    here we go O_o


  10. Pinky says:

    This is so disrespectful. 😡


  11. Acquitta says:

    They can celebrate all they want but Hillary has 2016 on lock.


  12. Henrietta says:

    First off that picture/headliner is wrong as fuck for that picture cuz the Senate representation in NY is still DEMOCRAT as there was no election: Gillibrand and Schumer are incumbents.

    People wanted change? They finna see change alright…the revolution may come sooner than they think…


  13. Jamilla says:

    For all those that did not vote, dont want to hear anything from them for the next 4 years especially since many minorities will feel the effects of the new changes that will take place.


  14. Mahogany says:

    That mag cover is wrong on so many levels.


  15. Adam says:

    the disrespect has no boundaries…until skintone changes 😦


  16. CorporateBitch says:

    May these racist and dumb azz blacks that cosign this fuckery burn in hell


  17. ManUp says:

    These ignant azz Republicans who have FAILED at EVERYTHING. Why on Earth would any one of you vote for them? It makes no sense.


  18. Lisa says:

    This pic is so disgusting. 😡


  19. gia says:

    Well in positive news DC voted to support the legalization of Mary Jane! 🙂 We did one thing right!


  20. RandomChick says:

    President Barack Obama and the Democratic party suffered a massive blow fa real.


  21. Crystal says:

    I’m not sure why I was surprised that this would happen. Republican voters came out in masses.


  22. Tamala says:

    People are too lazy to do their research and vote. I’ve been researching props and candidates for months and went to vote Tuesday night after working a 12hr shift. This mess burns me. I don’t really care who or what you vote for as long as you are making an INFORMED DECISION.


  23. Yasha says:

    can someone tell me, WHY folks claiming President Obama is the WORST president ever, and he has done NOTHING for the American people? why? why is this being said?


    • shawnia says:

      can someone tell me, WHY folks claiming President Obama is the WORST president ever, and he has done NOTHING for the American people? why? why is this being said?
      Cause certain people are just ignorant and this election was not about getting the change that was needed but us against them and sticking it to Obama his last 2 years. Thats why when half these rednecks, trailer park folks, and all the ignorant folks start talking about how unfair things are, I’ll laugh and remind them that they put them in power. Plain n simple.


  24. Aceman says:

    Half of them repubs are kkk aren’t they? hail they 1 rejection short of burning a cross on the white house lawn.


  25. Lilly says:

    That pic is so wrong :no:


  26. Olivijah says:

    Some people didn’t even know who was on the ballot. They just voted party lines.


  27. cameo1 says:

    Let me tell you, be ready cuz in a couple of years there will be another set of race wars here. Cuz slowly they are trying to back us in a corner. You see how bad things are in Ferguson? Shiiid just you wait…they trying to do the same to President Obama…you’ll see the ignorance full frontal.


  28. Kayla says:

    They sure do like to disrespect the president, huh? That cover is crazy.


  29. Wanda says:

    The Repubs were voted in because that’s the change that works for those who want to keep the playing field uneven…..……writing’s on the wall people…..pray….pray real hard.


  30. Rezzie says:

    Praying for our nation O_o period.


  31. Danny says:

    This is soo damn disrespectful, racist phuckers 😡


  32. Civil says:

    Oh and get ready for the impeachment hearings to begin… bill clinton all over again… 😡


  33. Coco says:

    What is REALLY offensive about this picture is the fact that they made him look SKINTY AND SICKLY. 😦


  34. Katman says:

    Happy Sunday!! Who up in here!!


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