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Russell Simmons Pens Open Letter To Donald Trump


A real friend will always tell you the truth and that’s exactly what Russell Simmons did when he penned an open letter to Donald Trump.

Over 30 plus years you have been an amazing friend; endorsing my books, coming to my shows, flying me on your planes, your helicopters, and even allowing my family members and myself to stay in your house in Florida many times. So, it kinda pains me to know that my public statements about your candidacy have strained or ruined our friendship. However, the fact is, what’s at stake is bigger than us.

Trump has been sharing his racist opinions on every subject and leading in the polls in his bid toward the White House.

The self-made millionaire has however, set off a fire storm of controversy with his hateful comments regarding Muslims and Jews. Therefore Russell Simmons stood his position by openly and publicly putting his friend in his place. Simmons wanted it to be outwardly known that he is not in agreement with Donald and his prejudice rhetoric. In addition Simmons stressed how he would NOT support his friend if he initially wins the republican candidacy for the White House bid as a result.

It’s sadly enough, some Americans believe President Barack Obama is Muslim and for this fact, he’s somehow aiding and abetting these terrorist threats toward the United States with no plan of action. And with “The Donald” spewing all of this hate in an intolerant tone, it is no doubt setting the tone for a possible race war.

You can read Russell Simmons open letter to Donald Trump right here!

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Republicans Gain Full Control Of The House And Senate For First Time In 8 Years


The GOP has officially gained control of both the House and the Senate following the results of Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

A Republican tide ripped the Senate away from Democrats Tuesday, giving the GOP full control of Congress and the power to pin down President Barack Obama during his last two years in office.

The thumping win upends the balance of power between the White House and Capitol Hill only six years after Obama’s Democrats swept to power and marginalized Republicans in a rush to reform health care, Wall Street and pass a huge stimulus package.

Now, it’s Democrats who will take the back seat on Capitol Hill, relying mostly on the power of the filibuster to stymie Republicans and keep Obama’s legacy intact.

House Speaker John Boehner, celebrating a widened majority, said this:

“I am humbled by the responsibility the American people have placed with us.”

“But this is not a time for celebration,” he said. “It’s time for government to start getting results and implementing solutions to the challenges facing our country, starting with our still-struggling economy.”

Sounds like this is going to be an interesting and long two years.



Will Republicans WIN the Senate?

Senators Reid And McConnell Testify On Proposed Constitutional Amendment On Campaign Finance

This is the biggest question being asked and filtering throughout the internet.

With the election being just eight (8) days away, every Gallup poll imaginable is predicting the Republicans to “WIN” the senate and rule the house.

It is also a prediction that Latino Americans will abandon the democratic vote because of the staggering approval on immigration reform. But “I’m laughing out loud” and wondering how is this even remotely possible when Republicans are opposed on economic issues like this:

  • GOP opposition to raising the minimum wage.
  • GOP refusal to renew unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed.
  • GOP obstruction of Democratic proposals to lower payments and cut interest rates on student loans.
  • The incredibly unpopular GOP proposal to eliminate the Medicare guarantee and replace it with a voucher for private insurance.
  • The failed GOP proposal to privatize Social Security.

And dressing up Republican candidates (African-Americans especially), to disguise these positions is their trick to win over the majority but I don’t think it’s going to work; especially since most of these candidates personally embody these deeply unpopular stances.

So I ask the question here…Do you think Republicans will ‘WIN’ the senate?

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Politics & Policy, as a ‘Gay Republican Leader’ tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


The GOP is still struggling with the morality issue, the evolution of same sex marriage. While Democrats have moved quickly away from the idea that gay and lesbian relations are morally wrong, Republicans are moving much slower. In fact, they’re barely more accepting of homosexuality today than they were a decade ago.

The morality issue is a key one for Republicans. While it’s possible that Republicans who think homosexuality is morally wrong could still back same sex marriage, it’s much, much more unlikely that they will ever get to that point. Morality is, after all, the prevailing reason that people give for opposing gay marriage.

For now, Republicans who want to expand the party’s appeal to the gay community and avoid being on the wrong side of a fast-moving social issue will likely simply say that it’s an issue that should be left to the states.

Are GOP members in denial of no homosexuals in their Party? Will the party continue to ignore that same sex marriages exist? 

This is not the case with John M. Traier (pictured above), who began his career as a young republican in 1976 and has been involved in the Republican Party for 38 years and counting! John has spent his political career advancing Republican ideals and working to get Republican candidates elected into office.

John has been exceptionally successful in this position and became Passaic County’s Republican Chairman in 2012. John is openly gay and engaged to his partner of 27 years.

Join me tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via “Conversations Live” as I converse with Mr. Traier about his party’s position on homosexuality, same sex marriage and his goal of expanding the party base to a diverse groups of individuals.    

The “Conversations links” in this post make it possible to access the show!

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People’s Passion for Politics, Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


It’s a conversation that most love to have and some try to avoid but with political parties running hot and the economy in the whole, (depending on who you ask) it can be a hot heated subject.

With the recent bridge-gate scandal going on with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the current twenty (20) count indictment of New York Congressman Michael Grimm and the republican GOP’s blatant disrespect for the Obama administration; it’s painfully obvious that the republicans have lost their damn minds! Maybe not all but some among-st the majority are in the mix.

Join me tonight at 8:00 PM on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via “Conversations Live” for a conversation exclusive with my special guest Mr. Mike Ramaglia (pictured right) as we talk “People’s Passion for Politics”.

Mike has been involved in various aspects of politics for the past 17 years. In 2007 he founded the Passaic County Young Republicans and in 2009 was elected Councilman. Mike has been instrumental in local campaigns within his borough since 2005. During his tenure he obtained a new police vehicle for the township in which he served.

Mr. Ramaglia has been extremely instrumental with implementing safety procedures while serving on several boards in his district such as; the Economic Development Committee and the Citizen Against Substance Abuse.

More recently Mike was the Passaic County Chair for the Governor Christie campaign, member of the executive board of the West Milford Republican Organization and is currently the County Committee Vice Chair for West Milford. 
All “Conversation links” in this post make it possible to access the show!