Mid-term Election

Florida Stand Up – Andrew Gillum is in the Lead !!!!!!!!!

It was a star studded event last night as P. Diddy aka Sean Combs, had DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, R&B singer Monica and comedian Tiffany Haddish perform at a midnight “Bring Home Rally” for Florida gubernatorial incumbent Andrew Gillium.

The stars, who announced their support for Florida’s Democrat candidate for governor on Saturday, were cheered wildly at his Bring It Home Midnight Rally at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.

Sean Combs, said he supports Gillum ‘because he’s the best man for the job’ not just because he is black.

It came as Democrats hoping to score top-tier victories in Florida opened up slight leads in the state Monday, even after President Trump’s focus on the state and a pair of visits in the final days of the campaign.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs brings on stage Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor and Mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum and his wife. Election Day is today – Rock ya Vote!!!

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Republicans Gain Full Control Of The House And Senate For First Time In 8 Years


The GOP has officially gained control of both the House and the Senate following the results of Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

A Republican tide ripped the Senate away from Democrats Tuesday, giving the GOP full control of Congress and the power to pin down President Barack Obama during his last two years in office.

The thumping win upends the balance of power between the White House and Capitol Hill only six years after Obama’s Democrats swept to power and marginalized Republicans in a rush to reform health care, Wall Street and pass a huge stimulus package.

Now, it’s Democrats who will take the back seat on Capitol Hill, relying mostly on the power of the filibuster to stymie Republicans and keep Obama’s legacy intact.

House Speaker John Boehner, celebrating a widened majority, said this:

“I am humbled by the responsibility the American people have placed with us.”

“But this is not a time for celebration,” he said. “It’s time for government to start getting results and implementing solutions to the challenges facing our country, starting with our still-struggling economy.”

Sounds like this is going to be an interesting and long two years.