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Fantasia Barrino broke down in tears at her birthday concert…

Fantasia Barrino broke down on stage during an emotional set at her birthday concert in Trinidad…

Witnesses claim Fantasia burst into tears while singing her hit song ‘Even Angels’ and told the crowd:

“This year, we lost Whitney Houston…They just wouldn’t leave her alone. They did not understand that she was only human. We lose family, friends, all for the love of money. The only person who will never leave you is Jesus.”

Maybe Fantasia became emotional because she was touched by the song? Maybe the song reminded her of Whitney Houston? There could be many reasons but thanks to loyal CEO reader Nicole for the story tip and photo.


32 thoughts on “Fantasia Barrino broke down in tears at her birthday concert…”

  1. This stupid backwoods bitch – you fell in love with somebody else’s husband – decided to keep seeing him once the shit hit the fan – and then breed with this useless P.O.S. and NOW you sad… bitch you made that bed now sleep in it


  2. so tired of people whining and crying and feeling sorry for themselves – she saying Whitney but she means Fanny…. cry me a river…no build a bridge and get over it!!!


  3. You don’t have to be perfect to love or be loved by Jesus. At least she has a conscious and listens to it.


    1. Nicole,
      I can’t feel sorry for her ass. She brought her troubles on herself. She needs to face her shit, quit crying about it, and keep pushing!


    2. Don’t feel sorry for Fannie either, she didn’t give a shit about morals, ethics, and humanity when she was flying high and riding that fun train, but when tragedy personally strikes their heart they want to call out for Jesus and talk negative about money, but when they was using that money for a good ole time, Jesus, morals, ethics, etc wasn’t an issue.


  4. You got have a heart of stone to steal another woman’s husband. So don’t regrets dat shit, or have any remorse


  5. ummm…nothing to see her folks. Pull up any youtube video of her singing Purple Rain or ANY gospel song and she breakdown crying and shivering like it’s two degrees in the venue. This is apart of her show…not saying it’s fake but she has a “breakdown” during every show.


  6. Oh boy the drama with this chick!!!!
    Fantasia knew she needed to change her life, she had sense to go to American Idol and not just walk the hood looking for a wealthy thug, so she’s not hood crazy and she shouldn’t have turned out to be so sloppy. Damn shame she took those “once in a lifetime steps” and was blessed with miracle future, and she decided to be reckless. It’s different when you come from a decent childhood and you join hollywood just for the heck of it, but when you join it for survival because you just can’t go back to your life, you would think those type of people who get lucky would walk as straight a path as possible, but guess not. Lucky People are so weird


  7. Fantasia won’t end up on “Unsung” if she can keep a steady fan base and get a hit every now and then. If she would unleash her parasites and stop running behind men that don’t mean her a bit of good she would be helping herself immensely. Her relationship with Cook may be strained, but I don’t believe it’s completely over yet. She’s probably the same old submissive doormat she’s been for him ever since she met him.


  8. They say women who participate in adultery suffer from low self esteem.That’s not always the case, some women are competitive over men and consider it a challenge to steal a woman’s boyfriend or husband.

    They are out there:
    Kola Boof
    Angie jolie
    Julia Roberts
    LeeAnn Rimes
    Alicia Keys
    Gabrielle Union


    1. As Blog Queen would say: Nobody can steal your man. If a woman winds up with your man, then he was never yours in the 1st place.


  9. DAYUM!

    Fantasia has talent and need to smarten up and stop acting crazy, life is all about choices nothing happens just out of the blue, everything that happens we create.


  10. Jesus never said to go out and commit adultery did he Fannie Mae? You are being tormented by your own behavior. You should own up to it and repent.


  11. Isn’t she always breaking down on stage? Fanny pick ya head up girl and keep it moving in anything causing you the heartache, but remember KARMA is something else. So what you put out you will get back oh yeah I don’t feel sorry her either


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