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Because Some of You Need Jesus: Kanye West Brings Jesus Onstage

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There are several entertainers I don’t care to write about and Kanye West is one among-st the many.

West has the internet all abuzz since he invited Jesus Christ Himself onstage to speak to the masses during a concert in Seattle. As Jesus commanded Kanye to go forth and show people “the light” and “the truth,” incredulous concert goers in the audience screamed “JESUS IS BLACK!”

“Jesus is that you? I’ve been looking for you my whole life” Kanye said.

As you view the video you can hear concert goers going mad and screaming in the background.

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Cyrus Webb in the film “Broken Silence”

Loyal CEO reader “Jamilla”, is the winner of a complimentary copy of my book “Conversations Of A Sistah“…The punch line in Cyrus Webb’s script that Jamilla guessed and had me rolling was “Be back to scoop you in 20 😆

Enjoy the read Jamilla and thank you for being a loyal reader and follower!


You all know Mr. Cyrus Webb right? Executive Producer of “Conversations Of A Sistah” and President and Founder of “Conversations Media Group”.

Well anyway, Cyrus makes his first acting debut in the short film above “Broken Silence”. Cyrus says one punch line in his script that had me rolling…If you can guess the punch line, you’ll win a complimentary copy of one of my books.

So sound off!!!! Oh and for those of you who don’t know, Mr. Webb is wearing the light blue shirt and eye glasses.

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Fantasia Barrino broke down in tears at her birthday concert…

Fantasia Barrino broke down on stage during an emotional set at her birthday concert in Trinidad…

Witnesses claim Fantasia burst into tears while singing her hit song ‘Even Angels’ and told the crowd:

“This year, we lost Whitney Houston…They just wouldn’t leave her alone. They did not understand that she was only human. We lose family, friends, all for the love of money. The only person who will never leave you is Jesus.”

Maybe Fantasia became emotional because she was touched by the song? Maybe the song reminded her of Whitney Houston? There could be many reasons but thanks to loyal CEO reader Nicole for the story tip and photo.

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Jackson “4” on tour and will perform tonight without Michael…

The remaining members (minus one), from one of music’s iconic families will take the stage at the famous Apollo Theater tonight for the first time since the death of their beloved brother and lead singer, Michael. Michael passed away three years ago (June 25, 2009) after overdosing on a lethal injection of propofol.

But tonight, Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie and Tito, will carry the famous “Jackson 5” torch at the Apollo Theatre, as their show comes as part of a full national roadshow, dubbed the “Unity Tour.” This is the brothers’ first sustained tour since the ancient days of the “Victory Tour,” back in 1984. By the way, I was at that show.

Randy (not part of the original Jackson 5 but a later Jackson 5 member, who is not pictured above), chose not to participate in the tour.

“We respect his decision — leave it at that,” the Jackson brothers said: “Next time around, hopefully he’ll be there.”

Others who have criticized the very idea of The Jackson’s performing their songs without Michael, seem to be appalled by the idea of the “Jackson 4” touring. As for those fans who feel the Jackson “4” shouldn’t be touring without the complete group, the brothers had this to say:

“Those who feel that way don’t have to show up,”. “We listened to our fans and they wanted us to do this.”

What do you all think? should the Jackson 4, be touring without Michael and Randy? I want to hear your opionions…In the meantime the show at the Apollo theatre is sold out!

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I Saw Shawn and Marlon Wayans Live on Saturday Night!!!

The comedic duo performed live, at Levity Comedy club in upstate New York and it was a stone gas honey.

My party and I, had great seats as we sat front and center and was entertained for an hour and a half by the Wayan brothers, who graced the stage in separate standup performances.

While some of the sistas sitting next to us, wanted to throw their drawers at the brothers, they were very personable and well received by the crowd.

Levity Live is conveniently located in the Palisades Mall in Nyack, New York and offer dinner and drinks with any show. Comedy greats such as; Tracy Morgan, Tommy Davidson and John Witherspoon just to name a few; have performed there live.

If you love to laugh in an atmosphere of fun, then check out Levity comedy sometime in the near future.