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Hate, Homophobia or the Word of God? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

hate_homophobia_wog_cos_jan_2017-2We’re back!!! And tonight’s “Conversation” is going to be hot !!!

As we discuss how more than 1 million people watched Kim Burrell rail against “that perverted homosexual spirit” in a controversial sermon clip that led to the gospel singer getting pulled from a performance on “Ellen” and facing ongoing backlash from LGBT advocates.

She had been named a co-honoree at BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards, but the organization uninvited her due to the recent remarks. Also, her radio show — airing out of Texas Southern University — has been canceled.

Burrell’s two-minute clip of her message, filmed on a phone and posted on YouTube, shows Burrell describing sex acts and saying, “The spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women, and it’s caused a stain on the body of Christ.”

Her critics said her message was hate, other media outlets called it a homophobic rant, while believers state it’s the Word of God.

What do you say?

Join me tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via blog talk radio as I discuss “Hate, Homophobia or the Word of God?” with three (3) dynamic ministers; Rev. Caffie Risher, Minister Tuala Williams-Shields and Pastor Josh Olivero.  

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See you on the air!!