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Are Black Men Being Feminized? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

From the onesie to the online talk of rompers for men., the question now remains, are black men being feminized?   Is there an assault on the black man’s manhood?

Nation of Islam leader, the Honorable Minister, Louis Farrakhan recently delivered an address to the Afrikan Black Coalition in Long Beach, Calif. During a portion of the lecture, the Minister recounted his battle and victory against cancer. He told the audience he was prescribed a drug that alters body chemistry to the degree that when men take it, they get the same symptoms women experience when going through menopause. And when taken for an extended period of time, this drug can also cause men to develop breasts. His point was that changes in sexuality could be manipulated by drugs designed to promote such change.

In the video below Minister Farrakhan touches on the same subject via Charlemagne da God breakfast show.

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