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‘” I’m Sorry” Remorseful or Convenience? on Wednesday’s “Conversation Of A Sistah”

Kim Potter, the police woman who fatally shot Dante Wright said “sorry” repeatedly as she addressed Wright’s family in the court room before sentencing on Friday. The former Minneapolis police officer said she confused or mistook her handgun for her taser.

Potter was convicted in December of first- and second-degree manslaughter in the April 11 killing of Wright, a 20-year-old Black motorist, she was sentenced on Friday to two years in prison. Only on the more serious charge in accordance with state law. Wright’s family denounced the sentence as too lenient and accused the judge of giving more consideration to the white officer than the Black victim.

Speaking before the sentence was imposed, Potter was shaking and tearful. A much different image from that shown in her smiling mugshot.

Kim Potters mugshot

Potter offered an apology to Wright’s family, then spoke directly to his mother: “Katie, I understand a mother’s love. I’m sorry I broke your heart … my heart is broken and devastated for all of you.”

Kim Potter before sentencing

Join us on the air as we discuss “Sorry” – Is it always remorseful or a word of convenience?”

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62 thoughts on “‘” I’m Sorry” Remorseful or Convenience? on Wednesday’s “Conversation Of A Sistah””

  1. I love how Tra made the picture contrast in comparison. Her crocodile tears and bullshit apology got her a lessened sentence. that judge bought it. SMH

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    1. It’s a tough call. At the end of the day she never addressed Dante, I believe she kept calling him the victim. It was as she dismissed herself from the situation by not associating his name. It was weird


  2. I was thinking I better comment quick b4 she turns the comment section off. we only have 48 hours to comment after the show airs. anywho. Yea I see yawl and agree, the killer cop is not sorry. and i will be tuned in/

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  3. Excellent topic and mind blowing question. And considering the sentence and emotions leveling around this case, it leaves many to wonder….was/is she sincere or was the apology a false show of remorse for a lessor sentence. Many questions🤔makes you wonder.

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  4. What else was she gonna say??? She had to say something and I’m sorry and crying was her strongest comeback. She basically through her heart out there in showing remorse. Why? Because she doesn’t wanna hard jail time. That coupled with a female judge and she pulled her heart strings. Even the fucking judge was crying before it was over. Smh


  5. Today the men who killed Ahmad Arbery were convicted on a federal level of a hate crime. the text messages those devils shared amongst each other were racist. calling him a monkey, trapped like a rat and a nigga. Damn shame. Enough of profiling our black men. Enough!!

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  6. I think the killer cops apology was one on convenience. If she has a son or daughter she better pray she’s never on the other side of that apology


  7. Dante Wright’s mother will live in pain for the rest of her days. While Kim Potter will move on with her apology. Was she sincere? we can only believe her sincerity is strapped to a motive and that motive being a lighter sentence. Anything is possible. But if she is truly sorry she will put action behind those words. But I doubt Dante’s mother will ever forgive her because her son is not coming back.


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