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Join Me for the Commentary on – the Green Flags in a relationship…Tonight on ” Conversations Of A Sistah”


There is always talk about what red 🚩flags to look for in a relationship but never what the green flags would look like. These flags are not always about a list but about how well and how healthy are your relationships in order to thrive.

Human mind naturally tends to focus on the negatives, or red flags, of a given situation, including dating. But the positive components, or green flags, matter, too, and mindfully considering them stands to offer some serious benefits. 

Join our host on Conversations Of A Sistah tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST as we delve into this topic, in the meantime sound off on the subject here!!

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49 thoughts on “Join Me for the Commentary on – the Green Flags in a relationship…Tonight on ” Conversations Of A Sistah””

      1. 😆 here goes

        1. he’s a great communicator
        2. doesn’t mind admitting when he’s wrong
        3. he apologizes
        4. have healthy relationships outside of ours.

        I’m sure Tracy’s covering the rest. 🙂 😆

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      2. She did indeed. I’ve been married 30+ years and he’s a dream come true. We’ve had our ups and downs but we’re good👍


    1. I tell you, I’m careful with how I deal with my BF 😆
      This is why I don’t miss a trick with this show and it’s topics.


      1. Maybe he find it funny because it was unexpected. She addressed it mid way thru. Did you hear her? She admitted she was distracted ☺

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