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Battle For The Border Wall…Trump Challenges Dems in Primetime Address

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 08: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to the nation in his first-prime address from the Oval Office of the White House on January 8, 2019 in Washington, DC. A partial shutdown of the federal government has gone on for 17 days following the president’s demand for $5.7 billion for a border wall while Democrats have refused. (Photo by Carlos Barria-Pool/Getty Images)

President Trump took to the air last night on prime-time television to deliver his first televised national address to Americans from the Oval Office of the White House, to explain why the partial government shutdown is necessary to secure $5.7 billion dollars to fund the border wall.

In an unprecedented move, the three major TV networks limited President Trump’s speech to only 8 minutes. The networks initially hesitated to air the President’s speech at all because they feared he would say the wrong thing. Either way, I wasn’t tuned in.

Trump urged the American people to support his battle with the Democrats for border wall funding. “This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice,” he said, describing border security as “a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul.”

Trump said Black and Hispanic Americans were hardest hit by the immigration crisis. He said migrant women and children were “victims” of lawless gangs and human smugglers who raped 1/3 of women on the way to the U.S.

These children are used as human pawns by vicious coyotes and ruthless gangs,” he said.

Trump said drugs and crime coming across the border endangered American lives.

The current shutdown began on December 22, and is estimated to cost the American taxpayers $6.5 billion per week.

45 thoughts on “Battle For The Border Wall…Trump Challenges Dems in Primetime Address”

    1. I think you’ve hit on something. This explains why this MoFo lies with every breath he takes. His brain is built from legos that keep falling apart. And even though instructions say for 4+ year old, this explains a lot of shyt too. This MoFo thinks and acts like a 2 year old. Damn. When you’re even too stupid for Legos you know you’re stupid AF.



  1. I’m not going hard for nobody but me. I don’t want US dollars tied up in a wall. I could care less about if they come, stay, go…its monetary for me


  2. Tracy news stations/outlets were hesitant to air the president’s address because of his history of false statements as facts and blatant lies. That was the only fear of the president saying the wrong thing.


  3. This is nothing more than kowtowing to his racist base. . His base was mad that he was about to sign the CR to fund the fed govt for 2019 with no border $. he got scared and shut the govt down!!!


    1. Well now the idiot is saying he is cutting off federal money to fight California wildfires, claims the money is being wasted. Apparently he doesn’t have a house in the California hills.

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  4. Dump describes the government shutdown as a “Blessing in Disguise”……….evil lowdown POS wouldn’t know a blessing if Jesus handed it too him personally.


  5. Priorities amongst other things is seriously lacking. Ahhh to be white you can be dumb, ignorant and bold in defiance and still be revered ☕ Smdh


  6. What happened to Mexico paying for his wall? Dump done a campaign promise he can’t keep.
    Smh *_* he doesn’t keep his word. There are way more important things for tax payers to pay for than a wall. O_o


  7. He want us to fund his azz …. is what this shyt is ….. that wall topic is (TRUMP) damn cover ….. I didn’t watch specifically because he full of shyt …. #THIEF !!!

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  8. Tracy I didn’t tune in either.
    It’s a bunch a BS ….. see clean through his smoke damn screen ….. he expects us(Paying citizens) to clean … his shyt up off our dime …… FOH !!!!!

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  9. I knew it was a lie because he said the border wall would benefit “African-Americans.” We know Drumpf and his Deplorables ain’t trying to do nothing to help African-Americans.


    1. What about the two black ones that killed the lil girl in Texas or the ones who are shooting up Chiraq? people who live in glass house always have the audacity


      1. What about the white police lady who shot the black man while he was at home tending in Texas.

        No comment on how the murder rate has dropped in Chicago but still hell bent on bringing up blacks shooting people in Chiraq huh?

        If you are going to tell a story try to start at the beginning


      2. Black men aren’t going on mass shooting sprees, entering churches, schools, movie theaters, outdoor concerts, etc,..white men are.!!
        Don’t respond to my comments please and thank you!


      3. YES, those homegrown terrorists who are walking into mosques, synagogues, churches, movie theaters and schools killing innocent people/KIDS in MASS. That’ the biggest threat to this country NOT immigrants. .


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