When He Opens the door for you…..He’s a keeper!!

Please don’t get it twisted ladies, chivalry is not dead!

You can tell a lot about a man simply by the way he opens the door for you. A car door, the door before you walk into a building, these actions speak to a man’s mannerism. When he keeps you closely by his side as you walk the street in a protective manner, he’s a keeper. These are important traits you’d look for in a potential partner or lifelong mate.

Let’s be real here, would you really like to date a guy who doesn’t give a shit about you? A man who doesn’t know the true meaning of respect?

We need to raise the bar ladies in 2019!

President Donald Trump is a prime example. Pictures of him shaking the Obama’s hands on inauguration day and entering the White House ahead of his wife Melania spoke volumes. Donald Trump is the first president ever who did not wait for his wife and accompany her up the stairs into the White House. He didn’t open the car door for her either. This goes to prove, money can’t buy you class and/or respect!

So here’s why you should only consider a man who opens doors for you:

  1. He’s Mature – He’s not a boy: He’s a man and immaturity is just not how he rolls.
  2. He appreciates you – He has manners and he knows how to use them.
  3. He’s the ultimate example that chivalry is NOT Dead! – He knows how to treat a lady
  4. He’s Considerate – He knows being thoughtful is an important key to making a relationship thrive and survive.
  5. He’s Respectful – He knows the meaning of RESPECT like the back of his hand.
  6. He’s Supportive – He will always be 100 percent team you.
  7. He Puts You First – He will walk through fire first just so that you don’t get burnt.
  8. He’s Affectionate – He’ll show you and give you the love you deserve
  9. He Cares About What you Think Of Him – The man who cares about impressing you and gaining your affection is a keeper!

23 thoughts on “When He Opens the door for you…..He’s a keeper!!”

  1. some women don’t know what to expect Tracy. And when you don’t know you’re liable to fall for anything. But what are parents teaching their young boys who will become men? what? I mean this is crucial too.


  2. Trump show ultimate disrespect and snub to Melania on inauguration day. 😦 the worst day of our lives in this country. Don’t nobody want a man like Trump.


    1. What exactly is a mature man?
      Well what does a mature man mean to you? You should note, a mature man has the ability to handle any situation.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I agree Apple-bottom, and that means he can RISE to any occasion regardless of the circumstances and situation. He will always be honest and keep it 100.


      2. Thank you Ms. Ang 🙂
        @Nicole, a real man will also protect you. Protect your feelings. Put his ego last and the worth of your relationship first.


  3. He Cares About What you Think Of Him – The man who cares about impressing you and gaining your affection is a keeper!

    I love this.


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