Mid-term Election

Florida Stand Up – Andrew Gillum is in the Lead !!!!!!!!!

It was a star studded event last night as P. Diddy aka Sean Combs, had DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, R&B singer Monica and comedian Tiffany Haddish perform at a midnight “Bring Home Rally” for Florida gubernatorial incumbent Andrew Gillium.

The stars, who announced their support for Florida’s Democrat candidate for governor on Saturday, were cheered wildly at his Bring It Home Midnight Rally at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.

Sean Combs, said he supports Gillum ‘because he’s the best man for the job’ not just because he is black.

It came as Democrats hoping to score top-tier victories in Florida opened up slight leads in the state Monday, even after President Trump’s focus on the state and a pair of visits in the final days of the campaign.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs brings on stage Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor and Mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum and his wife. Election Day is today – Rock ya Vote!!!

34 thoughts on “Florida Stand Up – Andrew Gillum is in the Lead !!!!!!!!!”

  1. Just wondering if either candidate do anything about that awful stand your ground law? The pinks in that state abuse that law and innocent Black people have lost their lives because of it.


  2. If we are going to talk about one let’s talk about them all. Is it okay that 45 and his dumped downed followers continue to incite violence but if they don’t get their way God help us all.


  3. Oh well, DeSantis was the administrator of a tea party FB page that’s filled with racist rhetoric, referring to BLM as ghetto scum, etc. So I’ll pass on giving him benefit of the doubt here but that’s why Gillum is leading in Florida..


  4. Just STFU and place your vote for the candidate you want to win. All else about who’s the racist party and all the history BS is just that BS. STFU and vote. When that person gets in there, you will see exactly what he/she is about. Stop with the fargin labels; it’s juvenile. He’s a leftie she’s a socialist. It’s just stupid as f*ck. All black ppl aren’t the same, no matter what their policies. As those who voted for the Cheetoe in Charge, you’ll see what he does when he does it and you got what you paid for. And you’re paying HANDSOMELY! None of you is making more money than you did 18 mos ago. The corps are doing very well with their kickbacks. Trust n believe.


  5. Nah that Florida Gov said the word Monkey with too much force in it i remember…Right when Gillum won the primaries. That man is racist and probably says Nigger after 5:00 PM when he’s sitting around his colleagues from the Caucus Mountains…. 😆 Oh hail Naw!!!

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    1. Monkey wasn’t the problem for me it was the word articulate. As if he was soooo shocked that a brother can arrange his nouns n verbs. I keep telling black folks who get sooooo excited when a white person tells them they speak well for a black person they r insulting u. 😡 smh …..yet dump runs a truck over the English language everyday n they say nothing

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    2. He wasn’t talking about me…I don’t equate myself to a monkey….He was talking about his mama💯!

      The monkey that birthed him💋✌🏾


      1. They gon learn to stop using phrases with “monkey” and “cotton picking” in them LOL. IDGAF what his intentions were! His impact failed!

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  6. Ok Flordians let’s NOT become complacent like some of you all did in the Presidential election. We don’t need a racist Governor. He revealed himself. so. Join the Blue Wave.


  7. I’m so glad my guy Gillum won the primary despite all the Democratic party opposition. I cried tears of joy. But now the real race for governor is on.


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