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Set for Life? Starbucks CEO to Personally Mentor 2 Men Who Were Arrested at Philly Shop

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson will personally mentor two entrepreneurs who were famously arrested while waiting for a friend at a downtown Philadelphia Starbucks last month.

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were guests on ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday.

Speaking on behalf of his clients, attorney Stewart Cohen tells GMA, “The CEO of Starbucks is going to personally mentor these two young men going forward.”

The news comes a day after Nelson and Robinson settled with the city of Philadelphia for a “symbolic” $1 each. They also settled with Starbucks for an undisclosed, but similar amount.

Cohen added: “Not only do they have a seat at the table and not only do we have this settlement, but we have the beginning of a relationship” with the Starbucks CEO.

The two friends say the city also committed $200,000 to a young entrepreneur program.

But not everyone was satisfied with the settlement.

Many Black Twitter members expressed disappointment that they wasted their time and energy protesting outside Starbucks, only for the men to settle for $1 each.

Twitter activist Tariq Nasheed tweeted“The Black men who were arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks “settled” for Starbucks to donate money to “young entrepreneurs”. Will these entrepreneurs be Black? These vague terms sound fishy”.

26 thoughts on “Set for Life? Starbucks CEO to Personally Mentor 2 Men Who Were Arrested at Philly Shop”

  1. Here’s what I think really happened. Their lawyers created a foundation or LLC, and Starbucks “donated” to said foundation or LLC. This way, it makes the victims look noble and Starbucks doesn’t have a discrimination lawsuit attached to its brand.


    1. Exactly.

      The donated should have been 1 million each or $100,000 for every minute they were in handcuffs. Who is their lawyer?


    2. Wow great 👍 analogy and I’m with you on this one. Let’s see if anyone comes up with another scenario


  2. I don’t care what nobody says, this is dope. Knowledge is powerful and priceless. I’m sure the settlement was cute but being mentored by the CEO of Starbucks is a hands on approach that will be extremely beneficial to these men. Hopefully this will continue with other corporations because true change will come when people are forced to be hands on with each other and communicate their differences with respect.


  3. They not only, settled for an undisclosed amount (financially awarded) but they’re also getting a priceless, lifetime lesson in business. Win-win all the way around.


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