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Jesus take the wheel, Jenner graces Vanity Fair in DRAG!


Jenner was photographed in drag by famed photog (and practicing lesbian) Annie Liebovitz for the cover of the June 9 issue.

Vanity Fair should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting mental illness for profit and financial gain. Wearing a wig, lingerie, and tucking your male parts does not make a man a woman.

As promised, Bruce Jenner has made her first appearance as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair, which was photographed by Annie Leibovitz. In the cover shot, Jenner introduces herself: “Call me Caitlyn.”

In the accompanying story in the magazine’s July issue, Jenner talks to Buzz Bissinger, writer of the acclaimed Friday Night Lights, about why she decided to transition, noting the immense regret she would have felt had she lived her entire life without making a change. “If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life.?’”

76 thoughts on “Jesus take the wheel, Jenner graces Vanity Fair in DRAG!”

  1. Bruce said he on care that Kim pregnant with South West. I know Kims mad as hell somewhere she tryna get shine for the pregnacy and you got her stepmom on the cover of vanity fair wit his titties out.


      1. she looks like Cindy Crawford…
        😡 *Nippy voice* Hell to da naw!!!


  2. lol 😆 All Bruce needs to do is grow a big butt the same way his daughters and learn to pop, and she’ll be alright. Hummm


  3. Caitlyn Bruce Jenner conveniently “came out” as a ruse to take attention away from the fatal car crash he caused. It also leaves the door open for a mentally unstable defense.


    1. if I was his daughter I would be crying my ass off.
      Yea it’s kinda twisted to have ya father wanna be a woman O_o


    1. Jamilla,
      Its a whole lot better than some of the ones Im seeing but that’s all natural hair. Bruce grew it out! Long hair dont care. lmao 😆


  4. I think it’s just the breasts that are killing me… I thought he just wanted to DRESS like a woman O_o unbelievable


  5. Ok…so do we call shim Caitlyn from now on? Like shim isn’t going to answer to or be Bruce anymore? Is it all Caitlyn all the time?


  6. These media hoes are owning the news cycle today. Please Lordt, make them go away tomorrow. I need time to breath before Kim start showing. 😆

    I’m surprised Tra even blogged this.


  7. The problem is that all the other internet sources can’t go a single day without filling up all their so called news story slots with Jenner/Kardashian crap. There is far more in this world to write about than a family that has no talent what so ever, can not act or sing at all and is only famous because the news media made them famous. I am so sick of seeing them plastered all over the fuckin internet!


  8. Yes Jesus take the wheel cuss we livin in the last dayz and the sad part about it is….people want you to accept this. God didn’t create Bruce a women and He (GOD) shall NOT be mocked!


  9. Lawd have mercy bruce wanna be a woman but claims he’s not homosexual. well who he gon have sex with? O_o I’m confused.


  10. BRUCE JENNER/Caitlin just killed someone because he/she can’t drive and all we’re talking about is his/her new sculpted face, his big wig, and her tucked in huevos. Is the media evil or what?! O_o


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