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What’s the PROBLEM Black Man???

We should all be proud and responsible for the decisions we make in this life. And these decisions should also be the case in love and marriage. Be proud of who you choose as a wife and/or partner to spend your life.

I was out to dinner last night, enjoying the company and the ambiance of my evening when, three black men came into the restaurant with their brood and was seated in my view. It was obvious others would be joining their party as there were “3” empty seats left at their table. They wouldn’t of had my attention except, they kept staring at me, which was when I noticed all of their children were bi-racial. The stare was becoming so obvious that one of the men had his shades on not to be so conspicuous. These men were so attentive of me, that I was beginning to think I was the only black woman in the restaurant. I couldn’t figure it out.

Then the obvious happened, three white women joined them who were apparently their spouses, significant others and the mother of these children. Well thank God!!! I thought….So why did they continue to stare at me? Because really I didn’t care. Did they regret having not waited to hook up with a fine black woman? Were they guilty because they married and procreated outside of their race? I got the impression they were not happy with the women who joined them. Whatever the issue, I should not have been the center of their attention, when their life choices were sitting amongst them. 


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Jesus take the wheel, Jenner graces Vanity Fair in DRAG!


Jenner was photographed in drag by famed photog (and practicing lesbian) Annie Liebovitz for the cover of the June 9 issue.

Vanity Fair should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting mental illness for profit and financial gain. Wearing a wig, lingerie, and tucking your male parts does not make a man a woman.

As promised, Bruce Jenner has made her first appearance as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair, which was photographed by Annie Leibovitz. In the cover shot, Jenner introduces herself: “Call me Caitlyn.”

In the accompanying story in the magazine’s July issue, Jenner talks to Buzz Bissinger, writer of the acclaimed Friday Night Lights, about why she decided to transition, noting the immense regret she would have felt had she lived her entire life without making a change. “If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life.?’”

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Steve Harvey’s ex-wife brands him a Bigamist!


“Steve Harvey owes me $50 million, and I want him arrested for violating my civil rights!” 53-year-old Mary fumed to The ENQUIRER.

“I want him charged with a constitutional rights violation, falsifying documents, perjury, contempt of court, embezzlement, extortion and collusion. “For what he’s done to me, I want to see Steve Harvey behind bars!”

Harvey, 56, tied the knot with Mary, his second wife, in 1996. At the time, he was starring in the WB sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show,” which aired until 2002.

The couple’s son Wynton was born in 1997. They divorced in November 2005, citing “irreconcilable differences,” but Mary claims Harvey was a serial womanizer whose adultery drove her to a mental breakdown. Mary also insists Harvey – host of TV’s syndicated “Steve Harvey” talk show and a weekday radio show – cheated on her with his current wife Marjorie. He wed Marjorie (known as Lady heroine) in June 2007, and Mary claims that makes Harvey a bigamist!

“The judge said our divorce would be contingent upon the division of community assets, but that never happened,” she explained.

According to Mary, that means their divorce is not final, “and Steve is married to both me and his new wife.”

Oh lord, I don’t know if Mary envy’s Steve’s success or can’t get over their divorce, either way, for the love of God, she need to move on!!!

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What in the Sam-Hell happened to Miley Cyrus?


The once innocent looking girl who quietly burst onto the scene in the entertainment industry, has turned her “squeaky clean” image into that of a full-blown slut girl.

Cyrus, who has twerked her way into the hearts of hoodrats everywhere, hit the stage last night at the VMA’s twerking, in a teeny, tiny vinyl bikini. Cyrus’s controversial booty poppin’ shocked veteran actor Will Smith who brought along his two children (below).

Miley Cyrus Shocks MTV VMAs

After the slutty performance, corny comedian Kevin Hart joked, “Miley better get a pregnancy test after all that twerkin’.”

It’s a sad day in society when these young entertainers believe that trashy behavior sells far beyond dignified talent and performance.

Thanks to loyal Ceo reader Ashanti for the story because I’d never think twice to entertain a Miley “messy” Cyrus post.  🙂