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Woman married herself, after failing to meet the man of her dreams!

Family support: Ms Eleby's motherwalked her down the aisle in a ceremony she described as 'poignant'

Yasmin Eleby (pictured above) had the same pressure most woman do when not married by a certain age, so the 4o year old single traveler, took matters into her own hands by marrying herself.

The Houston, Texas native tied the knot earlier this month surrounded by friends and family in a ceremony performed by three ministers. Of course it is not legally possible to marry oneself in America, so the ceremony was spiritual rather than legal.

In Yasmin’s celebration of “life and love” her ceremony was complete with a bridal party of ten (10) bridesmaids (who all wore grey dove dresses), included her mother who in turn, walked her down the isle.


Ms. Eleby loves to travel and her plans to visit Cambodia, Laos, and Dubai will serve as an extended honeymoon later this year.

Would you marry yourself?

70 thoughts on “Woman married herself, after failing to meet the man of her dreams!”

  1. Let’s see. She can’t find a man, so she marry’s herself in a desperate cry for attention. OMG!!!And she wonders why she can’t find a man……. O_o


  2. No. That would make no difference. She’s only 40, she can find her soul mate still. She’s a traveler so she’s made it a little difficult for herself.


  3. Seriously?
    I would gracefully turn 40 on a secluded island somewhere.
    Sistahs read too much into not being married.


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