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Eric Holder’s Resignation questionable?

Eric Holder

Why would the Nation’s first black attorney general resign at the height of so many racially motivated killings being investigated in so many states? Why was Holder successful at resending excessive sentencing for blacks that were unjust in some states yet unsuccessful at thoroughly investigating the unjust laws in the Trayvon Martin case?

On September 25, 2014, Holder announced his resignation after a tumultuous tenure marked by civil rights advances, national security threats, reforms to the criminal justice system and 5 1/2 years of fights with Republicans in Congress.

Two sources familiar with the decision tell NPR that Holder, 63, intends to leave the Justice Department as soon as his successor is confirmed, a process that could run through 2014 and even into next year. A former U.S. government official says Holder has been increasingly “adamant” about his desire to leave soon for fear that he otherwise could be locked in to stay for much of the rest of President Obama’s second term.

I find it odd that Holder would resign now, fresh off the heels from his visit to Ferguson, Missouri, where eighteen year old unarmed black teenager Mike Brown was gunned down by a white police officer.

With this country at the height of racial injustices throughout the land, I find it hard to believe that Holder would resign with still so much left to be done.   

36 thoughts on “Eric Holder’s Resignation questionable?”

      1. Wadup Fam
        Obama in that picture looks like he’s telling Holder ” Don’t let these mutherfuckaz break ya”.


  1. Public servants get tired of making penny’s on the dollar, they can go to private firms or corporations and make 10 of Millions of dollars in 1 YEAR

    Keep your eye open Trace you’ll see.


    1. Hey Zion,
      The President’s salary is pennies when you take into account all of the work that goes into being president. 🙂 BUT I also would like to believe that those that go into that line of work don’t do it for the monetary aspects.


      1. its well known that if you leave the Fed for corporate then come back…depending on what field, you can make twice as much


  2. I wonder if his resignation resulted from the fact that he couldn’t put his hands on those crackas. Thats too much ( want to kick ass )to just keep in side.


  3. How long could anybody last hearing people talk shit and you have to keep your cool. Can’t too many people take that. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.


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