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Omari Hardwick Lashes Back And Defends His wife!

Women everywhere were crushed when actor Omari Hardwick was photographed in public with his interracial family over the weekend. The handsome heartthrob who appears in the Starz hit drama series “Power” and BET’s hit series “Being Mary Jane” was spotted having lunch in Tribeca.

Hardwick was not happy when black Twitter disparaged his masculine looking wife and called her “ugly”, so he clapped back on a twitter rant in her defense.


The price of fame.

56 thoughts on “Omari Hardwick Lashes Back And Defends His wife!”

  1. I’m not gonna front when I first saw the photos I was O_o and a little caught off guard because she looks masculine


  2. Nigga must think he Ghost in real life 😆 Nigga stfu and just say you love your wife just the way she is bruh!!


    1. So you roll up in here and says: STOP THE HATE (–> confused O_o
      So we all supposed to fold our hands and keep it cute? O_o


  3. It had to be traumatic for him to have to deal with people speaking horribly about his wife but he has to get to the point where he can blow that stuff off.


  4. if you don’t want your family ridiculed don’t post them up at public venues… take a page out of Jodi Foster’s book – she been in hollywood for fuheva and you neva hear her having papparazzi drama cause she doesn’t go where they be at – so take your chip nosed wife and your pretty baby and go sit down Ghost…..


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