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Gunman opens fire at Garden State Plaza Monday Night


People fled, dropped their shopping and ran out of the Garden State Plaza in complete pandemonium as a gunman carrying an assault rifle, walked in and fired shots inside of the largest mall in Bergen County.

Clad in a black leather jacket and a biker helmet, the gunman stalked hallways firing at least seven shots before he is believed to have fled the mall leaving law enforcement officers scrambling, officials said.

Numerous witnesses described the scene as frightening and chaotic while people scrambled for safety as the gunman slowly made his way  through the mall, which is located at the intersection of Route 17 and  Route 4, near the Garden State Parkway in Paramus, NJ.

Police in Paramus called in SWAT units, and other local officers from surrounding cities and within minutes of the initial  reports the mall’s parking lot was swarming with police cars and SWAT buses.

So far no reports of anyone being injured and the gunman is still at large. 

47 thoughts on “Gunman opens fire at Garden State Plaza Monday Night”

  1. Shortly before 1 a.m. Tuesday, police raided a Teaneck, NJ, home of a possible suspect in Monday night’s shooting at the Garden State Mall.

    A SWAT team was looking for Richard Shoop, 20, a wannbe actor who works at a local pizzeria, sources said.

    He wasn’t home, but cops confronted a man believed to be his father, Charles. He dropped to the ground outside and shouted that he was not armed.

    He then cried out in grief.

    “Is this because of my son Richard at the mall,” he shouted. “I am heartbroken over this. He called me. This is my f–king kid you have no f–king idea what I’m going through.

    “Just imagine if this was one of your kids.”

    While cops have not officially named Shoop as a suspect, sources said police are looking for him”

    He is still at large after a bizarre incident in which shots were fired at the huge popular mall about 20 miles outside New York City.

    Witnesses said a crazed gunman in black body armor and a biker helmet terrorized the huge mall by causally firing shots into the air before escaping.

    Fucking Idiot!!!


      1. He is an idiot and I’m curious to hear what the charges will be when they arrest him.
        Oh well, can’t arrest a dead man now can ya?


  2. I don’t get mall shooters. Do you really want to get taken out by a SWAT team in the food court? You must really love the mall to want to die there.


      1. Morning
        *mall closed
        *dude was on drugs
        *dude committed suicide
        *dude was found dead at 3:00 am in the mall
        *mall closed
        now can we get a new post Tra?


      2. This situation is FAR FROM FUNNY!
        The devil is using these young people to kill themselves and take out others.
        Y’all better stay PRAYED up is the message!


      3. Morning Adriane, Xmen, Starr, Alscream, Yasha, Ebony, Daisy, Coco, Danny, Civil, Adam and Rezzie.

        Good morning to all.


  3. Thank God it was a random Monday night and the mall was half way empty. Had it been packed like it was on Saturday it would of been a mess!

    But this guy had a long history of doing drugs 😦 wow that’s messed up.


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