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Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X, Dies


Malcolm Shabazz, the troubled grandson of civil rights icon Malcolm X, has been killed in Mexico, the U.S. Embassy there confirms.

The Amsterdam News reports that Shabazz, 28, was thrown off a rooftop after being shot during an attempted robbery on Thursday, May 9.

“I’m confirming, per U.S. Embassy, on behalf of family, the tragic death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X. Statement from family 2 come,” tweeted Shabazz family friend Terrie M. Williams on twitter earlier today.

Shabazz was the son of Qubilah Shabazz, the second daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz. He was 12 years old in 1997 when he torched Betty Shabazz’s New York apartment, killing her.

Shabazz pled guilty to arson and was sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile detention center. Shabazz’s sentence was extended due to discipline problems and he was released four years later.

Shabazz later claimed he didn’t set the fire that killed his grandmother.

At the time of his death Shabazz was studying Criminal Justice at John Jay College in New York. It isn’t known why Shabazz was in Mexico. He leaves behind 2 daughters.

63 thoughts on “Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X, Dies”

      1. this is why i will never vacation in Mexico. Smh
        Mexico is NOTORIOUS for their drug cartel and they’ve been pleading to American’s to STAY OUT. he had no business there.


  1. I remember when Betty Shabazz died in that fire. 😦 Horrible way to go. I feel bad for thinking this but my mind immediately went to drug deal gone wrong.

    Either way R.I.P. Sad life, tragic ending.


  2. He seemed like a troubled soul. Wasnt he involved in something with the fbi just last month? He mightve been in a different country and was reported missing. I believe the fbi was keeping an eye on him for some reason.


  3. Malcoms daughter was also in trouble for scamming a 70yr old woman outta like 50 thousand dollars. Smh what a legacy to have left behind 😦


  4. Happy Friday Ceo’ers!! 😆

    First thought was drug deal gone wrong. You could not PAY me to go to Mexico, that right there is the most violent place right now *shudder*
    R.I.P. to his troubled soul.


      1. Good Afternoon :hi: Mahogany, Gia, Flo, Nicole, Lexy, Point
        Anyone have interesting mother’s day plans?


      2. Anyone have interesting mother’s day plans?
        Felicia, taking my mother out for dinner

        Happy Friday good peoples.


      3. @Felicia,
        yeah I haven’t got my mom her gift yet…I’m lost on what to get her

        Hey Fam



        :partyhat: *confetti* :hug:



      5. Happy Mother’s Day to all my Ceo Mama’s up in the house.
        And Happy Mother’s Day to ya mama’s if y’all ain’t mama’s.


      6. Hell good people Happy Friday!!!
        May you all enjoy your mother’s on Mother’s Day appreciate them while you can.


  5. tragic. when i read it, it doesn’t indicate whether he was the robber or the robbee. i’m not going to assume the worst.


  6. Tragic – May God rest his soul.

    Mexico is a dangerous place, while visiting Cancun and Los Casbos learned an American had been found in resort up the street. imagine how I was ret To Go.

    Have a super sexy Friday people.


  7. R.I.P. this dude lived a sad sad life. May his soul be at rest. But to be honest it seemed like his life was doomed from the start (his mother was a troubled soul).

    annnnnd why the HELL was he in MEXICO???.. Messicans dont even wanna be in MEXICO :no:


  8. Even though he was 12 or 13 when he BBQ’d his grandmother, what he did was pure evil & whatsoever a man sowth, so shall he reap. Whatever you do will come back to visit you. Pay back is not only a Bitch … it’s real people. Don’t sleep on it!


  9. I just read that “since Malcolm Shabazz’s release from prison several years ago, he traveled throughout the US and around the world speaking to different audiences about the struggles that confront this generation.” And that he was in the process of publishing two books.

    R.I.P. Malcolm Shabazz, condolences to his family & friends

    I just hope that he was not involved in anything illegal before or during the time of his murder.


  10. Great. I only hope that he suffered somewhat, although his suffering doesn’t compare to his grandmother’s as she burned.


    1. Denzel played the chit outta that Malcom X role tho.
      girl you ain’t never lied…YES!!! the Oscars ain’t chit for not giving that man an Oscar for that role and Spike for Director…bishes


  11. mental illness runs in the X family, if you read X’s memoir you would know his brother was schizophrenic and his mother was institutionalized for severe depression.

    They didn’t call it depression back then, they called it crazy.

    Their family was broke up and never recovered from the murder of his Malcolm Little’s father.
    Malcolm Little’s father was killed by the Klan, his mother who was devastated by the murder and unable to support her family was institutionalized.

    This is a family that has been traumatized and victimized for several generations, this family’s legacy is the legacy of the black american experience.

    This boy’s mother saw her father assassinated in front of her young and innocent eyes.


  12. This kid was nothing but trouble. He was probably mentally ill.

    I am not surprised, nor terribly saddened. I can’t forgive him for what he did to Malcolm X’s widow.


  13. I’m still trying to understand why he set the fire that killed his grandmother. Normal people don’t just wake up and say I think I’ll start a fire today and kill my grandmother. Karma is real.


  14. This boy obviously had issues.
    Malcolm X is rolling in his grave anyway cause his daughters fucked his legacy way up!


  15. They have officially ruined Malcolm and Betty’s legacy. This kid had a problem. Can’t wait to hear the full story.


  16. Lawd now this fool done got himself killed. Sounds like a drug deal gone bad and them Mexicans ain’t playin. they will kill yo ass in a heart beat!


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