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Clive Davis is BiSexual… Did y’all know?


Clive Davis used his autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life,” to let  the world in on a little secret. At 80 years old Clive comes clean about his bisexuality in the  book. Married twice, and many times a father, he has, it seems, been exclusively  involved with men for the last past 20 years. That’s one of the rare personal glimpses into Clive’s life. He’s more so credited as being the man who discovered Whitney Houston and he’s the current chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment.

clive-davisClive says he slept with both men and women during his sexual renaissance period. But he spent the past 20 years in stable relationships with just two men: a doctor for 13 years, and for seven years with another man he won’t name (probably a celebrity).

“He tells me bisexuality is ‘maligned and misunderstood’ but that it is his truth and he decided it was time for him to say so publicly,” writes ABC News anchor Cynthia McFadden, who interviewed Davis for “Nightline”.

60 thoughts on “Clive Davis is BiSexual… Did y’all know?”

      1. Go Clive!! Still making dem ass cheeks clap at 80.
        GTFOH with that! Ain’t no young boys bendin ova for this perv unless he makin it rain


  1. I wonder if Ush was one of his conquests? :thinks:

    I do remember seeing Clive and LA Reid together at some Grammy function. I wonder about them too…


  2. “Coming Out” is the cool thing to do these days.. All the popular KIDS ARE GAY… Either jump on the bandwagon NOW or get left behind


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