Mother, grandmother arrested for forcing girl to run for 3 hours

According to the Washington Post, Alabama authorities have arrested a stepmother and a grandmother for forcing a 9-year-old girl to run for 3 hours on Friday, as punishment for eating candy bars.

The girl’s stepmother, 27-year-old Jessica Mae Hardin, called police at 6:45 p.m., telling them Savannah was having a seizure and was unresponsive. Paramedics and deputies arriving at the home knew something wasn’t right.

Deputies were told that Savannah was made to run as punishment for lying to her grandmother, Joyce Hardin Garrard, 46, about eating her candy bars.

Without adequate water or salt intake after three hours of grueling roadwork, Savannah Hardin collapsed and suffered seizures. Savannah died Monday at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, of a cardiac arrest.

The sheriff’s press release said an autopsy report showed Savannah was extremely dehydrated and had a very low sodium (salt) level. A state pathologist ruled it a homicide.

65 thoughts on “Mother, grandmother arrested for forcing girl to run for 3 hours”

  1. STUPID BYTCHES!!!!! Muthafuggas mad cause the baby aint the candy bars and they fat asses aint get chance to eat them. Grinch face looking hoes


    1. (SOME) STEP MAMMY’S need to <——– stay in THEIR lane.
      They sure do. Bio mom was trying to get custody of her child.


    1. Let’s NOT GO THERE..this post is about stupidity not color.
      Wow, that’s sad, no matter what color…

      I honestly don’t think that they thought this would’ve killed her. This is just really sad.

      Shoot, the way I discipline in my home, I am lucky that something unfortunate like this hasn’t happened. I ain’t never made nobody run for hours though *sigh*


    1. Where is the mama and the daddy????

      That’s what I was wondering b/c it says that this was the STEP mother and grandmother, but a neighbor said no men where around…Where the hell is the daddy then? :thinks:


  2. If this isn’t an example of savage behavior, I don’t know what is. I doubt parenting classes would correct that type of crazy though.


  3. Meth face azz grandma mad cuz the girl ate her candy. She did that fat bish a favor!!

    …. Why can’t people leave kids alone!!


  4. I have a 9 yr old who I talk to often about making good choices of what she eats. I would NEVER make her run or put her life in danger over something so fulish! make the mother & grandma run for 30 hours


    1. Shame sin and a scandal 😦 Jesus needs to come on back I can’t say that enough. Just heartbreaking
      We don’t and can’t control why God allows things to happen.


  5. I’m sure some white folk will want to know what Obama should have done or should do to prevent this from happening in the future….


    1. “In the very near future a brave president will be elected who will sign a bill into law preventing hoodrats from birthing babies — unless they can prove that they (and their baby daddies) are financially and emotionally fit to raise children”


  6. White People SMDH!!!! We have got to do better!!!!! those red neck hill billie as women deserve to be tortured for hours in the hot Alabama sun but wait till about July and let them have seizures and die!!! Raggedy heffas!!!!!!


  7. They should be ashamed of themselves. If they were going to make her run as punishment, they should have at least given her some breaks so that she could get some water, something to eat, etc. This was way overboard. I am for punishment…that’s why there are so many kids in jail right now….everyone is scared to punish their kids because they don’t want to go to jail.


  8. Every damn thing is child abuse these days….makes sense they take a woman’s womb when she is born, let her know when it’s possible to have kids, how many kids she is allowed to have and sit at the house and watch her raise them. This is ridic.


  9. Oh lawd…I have no words for this post….How could they? All because she ate candybars?? This is BS. I hope they bury them under the damn jail.


  10. Mm Sad.
    I’m all for punishment as necessary and I’m sure they didn’t know the little girl would die but damn they went to the extreme.


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